Buyer Can't Complete Sale

I'm curious if others are getting messages from potential buyers that can't complete the transaction. I had one advise they had over 1,300 stamps in their cart and received the following message.. "Form submission failed, please try again or report ….”

He reported, but hadn't received a response. I sent a message this morning to HipStamp and they just responded.. Don't know if they also responded to potential buyer.

Glad you reached out I'm sorry to hear that the buyer is still having trouble completing payment on this order.

If you they have a different computer or mobile device available, can you please ask them to try completing the payment on that device?

All payments on Hip are processed by PayPal, including direct credit/debit card payments. With that in mind, once you check out and proceed to pay on Hip, you should see a window pop-up allowing you to sign in to your PayPal account, and or pay directly with a credit card through PayPal. Are you able to get to this step?

Please do not hesitate to let us know, should you need any further assistance.

Needless to say, I'm less than satisfied with this response. It make's no sense to me why they could place stamps in the cart and not be able to buy them. Does anyone know if a purchase has an upper limit as to quantity of items? My biggest sale was for 624. I asked HipStamp this question, but still waiting on an answer.

To make things worse is this potential buyer's concern with this site. He states..

I am fairly new to this platform. I have only made two other purchases and still have not received the stamps yet. Bought on eBay for years, but this Hipstamp software does not seem very solid.

Hopefully he receives his other orders soon and can complete this purchase.


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  • Just received my second reply from HipStamp...

    We would suggest troubleshooting this specific "error" which works for some buyers with the same issue. Carts can get overloaded that might cause issues for checkout. I have escalated this with the relevant team and I will be reaching out to the buyer directly to help on solving this issue.

    We'll let you know about the progress as I would like to make this sale for you.

    Does anyone know how I would go about "troubleshooting this specific "error"". I have no idea what they are asking me to do. Perhaps someone can better "explain" what I can do to make this sale happen. Hopefully they aren't telling me I need to tell the seller to remove some of the stamps from his cart.
  • Troubleshooting the error is probably referring to what they said prior. Ask the seller if they have a different device to try on.
  • I did that, but haven't heard back from him.
  • I have no direct knowledge in the area but I might suggest the buyer divide this rather large order into two segments.
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    Peter your suggestion was the correct answer. HipStamp just got back to me with a real answer. They said the problem was with PayPal who can't process more than 1,000 line items. Now I know how to help someone else who can't process a large order.

    When HipStamp requested my feedback on how helpful they were in completing my request, I suggested they should advise everyone of this limit. This was the first time I was aware of this restriction. Hopefully my customer is pleased with their help and will process a couple of orders and not just go somewhere else.
  • Well now I have to wonder. What does any amount of line items, whether 1 or 10,000,000, have anything to do with PayPal when they just need to process the total cost? One of those things that makes me go hmmmmm.
  • Once upon a lifetime ago PayPal would only process 99 items at a time. Now they have upped it to 1,000. This is a jump I'm happy to see.
  • Buyer again contacted me and said his cart is "frozen". He can't make any changes. Said he received notice from HipStamp stating the limit was 1,000 items, but only after I had pressed HipStamp for some direction. He again requested their "help". Hopefully they will follow up and can transfer the 300 plus extra stamps for him to his watchlist, allowing him to move forward with the two purchases.


    I can't imagine how frustrating it was to work with PayPal's 99 item limit. Many of my sales currently exceed that number.
  • I would suggest your buyer give his computer a "Hard Reboot" which I believe will unfreeze his shopping cart. Of course he might have to enter all those items once again when he restarts his computer.
  • Hopefully that won't be necessary and HipStamp can find correct the problem from their end. If I were new to this site and was told I had to "start over", I might not. I would think I should have been told of the 1,000 item limit. I invested hours in selecting the stamps. Being told I had to start over won't make me a happy camper.
  • Glad to report that HipStamp was finally able to help complete this sale and keep a new customer for our family of sellers. As previously stated he had unknowingly exceeded the limits set by PayPal and his cart froze up. Fortunately HipStamp had the ability to reduce the cart's content to 995 items and he was able to make payment on this portion of his order. They will now transfer the remaining items to his cart for a second purchase.

    Should anyone else run into a similar problem, be sure to be persistent with HipStamp. It took several messages on behalf of both the buyer and seller before HipStamp took responsibility to actually fix the problem. IMO buyers should be warned of the 1,000 item limitation, so no one else has to wait several days not knowing if all their efforts were wasted in selecting stamps for purchase on this site.
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