Anyone using Automatic Offers?

If anyone is using this feature, I would be interested in hearing your perspective on how it is working for you.



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  • You must have gotten the email as well. I'd be interested in hearing also.
  • I have it activated but it set to only kick in after new items have been listed for 90 days so I haven't had it kick in quite yet. I will be interested myself to see how it affects sales, if any.
  • We have it on.
    Just started today, so any of our listings 30 days or older will be applied, under $5k.
  • Can someone explain automatic offers to me?

    Is this the same as on ebay, when occasionally I'll get an offer for a discount on an item on my watch list?
    I've always wondered if this offer was from the dealer or an AI bot from ebay.
  • Here is how I have mine set up.
    Screenshot 2022-06-23 113251
  • (to buyers who have expressed interest )

    I normaly have a dozen or so stamps on my watch list.
    Do these discounts only show up to buyers that have the stamp on the watch list?
  • I asked that very question of tech support and that is my understanding. Items on someones watch list get and automatic offer sent to them. I am a bit concerned about once this kicks in, folks getting inundated with automatic offers on things they had forgotten about in the watch list and getting pizzed about it. I'm willing to give it try but if it doesn't work as designed, I'll slam it shut ricky tick.
  • I get more annoyed that items in my watch list show up in ads when I'm surfing the web.
  • Better yet, items I've listed show up in ads as if I want to buy my own stamps!
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