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good morning, can someone help me out with information in these cut squares. would really appreciate it.
thank you


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  • Columbus & Liberty issues of 1893.
    5c = Scott U350 ($8.50); 10c = Scott U351 ($35) (Catalogue values are from old 2010 Scott Specialized).
  • Thank you george
  • They are cut very close so you would be lucky to get 10% to 20% of the catalogue value and the last value I have is $7.50 for the 5c and $30.00 for the 10c
  • 2022 Scott has the U350 cut square, unused as $6.50 and the U351 at $25.
    These are diving in value, as cut squares continue to decline. Overall one of the WORST performing areas of US philatelics.
    There are a few exceptions here and there of course, but it's a tough market for those, and as Bill mentions, these are toned, cut close, and pretty beat up.
  • If those are "cut close", what would be the ideal margin? And I know it would be the entire, but I'm referring to a cut square.
  • At least 1/4 inch on the cut sides (that means, only 2 sides should be cut, the left and bottom generally speaking). If the right and top pare cut then the cut square is not considered to be "Full Corner" which these are also not. And since they have been cut closer than the fold, this further diminishes them. In the sense of "grade" these would be considered VG, and that's before considering other condition issues. For the "Full CV" value mentioned they would have to be clean, fresh, without other appearance of toning, soiling or creases.
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