Surprised Charge Back

I just received notification of a chargeback on my 8th sale to the same buyer who claimed it was an "unauthorized transaction". The credit card company requested reimbursement which PayPal gave. The sale was placed on 7/5 and I was never informed the stamps were not received. All sales were for mint US stamps. Fortunately the last sale was only about $10 and I did collect nearly $100 on his prior purchases. Hopefully no claim will be made on those sales.

Trying to stay positive, I'm guessing someone else is now handling payment of his credit card, but it would have been nice to have them return the stamps to me. To be on the safe side I notified HipStamp in case the same thing happened to someone else. There is no recent activity by this buyer, so hopefully no one else will loose money dealing with this person.


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  • Have to ask, did he/she perhaps pass away?
  • Perhaps or he maybe sick, but he made the order and paid as before. So how can anyone dispute the charge over 60 days later and getaway with it. In my mind that's dishonest, but the credit card company went along with it anyway. Why?
  • The only time I've seen it was when someone passed away. As the estate is getting settled, credit cards often write off any recent charges. Apparently, they often just push that back to the seller (this applies to anything). Just saying, it's a possibility, especially in our industry.
  • There are many reasons why this can happen. Some credit card companies cancel ALL transactions when one is reported as a problem. This has happened to me as a seller (and was a big surprise to the buyer as well).

    As well a buyer accidentally used an expired card, that came through as unauthorized as well.

    In both above situations I simply called the actual buyer and talked to them on the phone and, in both situations eventually things were worked out. The actual chargebacks were lost by me but the buyers repaid (and even covered the chargeback fee for me!)

    Not saying this is the situation here, but "unauthorized chargeback" seems to be used by the credit card companies to cover a lot of different situations and may not necessarily be what the buyer "said".
  • Hi John! Thanks for letting us know. Someone from the HipStamp team will be reaching out to you regarding this issue within the day.
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