Cancel Purchase by Blocked bidder

I had to cancel an order placed by a user I previously asked not to buy from me again – e.g., a Blocked Bidder. I opened the Resolutions page and discovered that there is no option to describe the reason for the cancelation as a purchase by a Blocked Bidder. It would be helpful to add this to the pulldown. It seems like an important metric that HipStamp would want to track. A comment field where I could reference the HipStamp message I sent to notify him he was blocked would also be helpful
In absence of a Blocked Bidder function which would have prevented him from accessing my listings, I had to deduct the PayPal fee related to his new transaction from the buyer's refund because they are no longer refundable. Thus, the absence of a Blocked Bidder function now cost buyers money in addition to aggravating sellers
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