Ides of march Part II - Free Tongs

After much discussion and two bottles of shiraz, we decided to do a Part II........ anyone looking at our store or a cddstamps listing would never know we had a 15 15 15 special unless they scrolled down or read the Promotions thread or our Chatter thread. Sad but that is how it is. So hopefully this will be an incentive to look again. For the 24 hours of 15th March, that is any order dated 15th March, we will add a free pair of cddstamps tongs (see image below) with the order if it meets the promo of $15 spend on stamps on 15th March, and we decided a limit of one order per customer was fair

So start putting some stamps in your Cart and on 15th March make the purchase. this gives you a few days to have a look around the store, to fill a few gaps in your collection. .........go on, treat yourself and let us treat you with what we can only describe as amazing tongs ............ and to give you even more confidence we have banned wine from the office on 16th, 17th and 18th March, so we can pack orders with 100% sobriety.... :-) see you soon ....... Michael

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