SolvedUnpaid Items Count Wrong on Selling Page

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The notices at top of selling page for unpaid items, items needing shipping, are most helpful. Today I realized that although the Unpaid Items count said "1", I clicked through and TWO (2) different orders were pending unpaid. So the count seems to not be correct when summary shown on selling page.


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    The "Selling Reminders (Last 30 Days)" displayed at the top of the page, only count activity which has taken place within the last 30 days. This is because, for example, if you have 1,000 orders going back 5 years, and every few months you have one unpaid order, it wouldn't be particularly useful to see these unpaid orders included in the summary count.

    That being said, you can of course view all of your activity, including all unpaid orders in the appropriate sections.
  • Thanks. That clears it up. I have one outstanding unpaid item from over 30 days ago. The buyer responded promising payment, but has never followed through. I am about ready to give up and request a refund of fees and put it back on sale.
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