Website Partially Down ?



  • Yup, Carol, patience. This morning I had either 7000 or 2000 listings missing (depending on how my browser felt I guess). Then all of a sudden they were back - well all but a handfull.
    Luckily I had downloaded a listing CSV saturday. After deleting my weekend sales and doing a bit of Excel magic using todays listing csv, I found 17 "missing" listings (leaving either 1 or 0 missing, depending on how I sort my listings page).

    There is hope. Just to be safe, I'm doing nothing, including re-uploading those 17, until hipstamp sounds the all clear. I guess I'll have to fill orders, but my activity is done.

    I never had this problem going to shows unless you count that time I left a box on the kitchen table. Ain't computers wonderful!
  • i can see some of mine, but it is really slow, dont want to list anything new because it might disappear , the listing numbers are really slow also, closed a few but show closed in active listings, the amount of sales i have had in the last week , it must of been down all week
  • Oh wait, there's more. I can not leave feedback or shipping information. What ever bug crawled into the system needs to be found, and very soon, I hope.
  • Items recently listed aren't showing up.
  • "Patience grasshopper." Wish I could remember what show that was from.
  • Apparently this issue effects sellers differently. I processed 10 new orders today without issue. I was able to provide feedback, mark order as being shipped and use the contact buyer function as normal. Two hours ago I listed 102 new stamps. All items still appear with images in both my store and in my open listing function. None of the 200 plus posted yesterday are missing. However, I am missing some listed on Friday. Hopefully they will be restored soon.
  • Becca S, could you kindly reach out to LickinGoodStamps! too? We went from missing around 3k to also now 20k+! (69162 vs 90485 (less whatever sales we've had since this mishap)).

    Would just like to be kept in the loop as well.

  • "Patience grasshopper" - Kung Fu starring David Carradine.
  • Thank you, Jeri. always liked that line.
  • Completely unacceptable and unprofessional.
  • Hi all, we appreciate your patience while our engineers continue to work on this issue. While many impacted accounts have now been resolved, for those that are outstanding, please do email so that our team can look into your account individually as needed. Thank you!
  • Things are still wobbly this morning.

    I sent a couple of requests through the Help button that pops up on the bottom right of the screen, so the comments that follow have already been sent off to the STAFF for consideration.

    The number of lots that I have open comes up as 4740 in my store front screen, while my open listings count is 4780. I am not sure which is correct or what is going on to cause this discrepancy.

    When I went to my store front a few minutes ago, it showed absolutely nothing. No items for sale! When I did a refresh a few minutes later, up popped those 4740 items once again.

    So I am still holding off on listing anything until everything is resolved.
  • I'm still missing most of my listings, only 447 out of 20,000+ show up
  • Not sure how many of my listings are missing. I did just try to list 4 items. 1 of them listed... the other 3 into the ether.


  • I just went now to check one seller's listings, who ordinarily has 50,000+ listings, and it says:
    "We couldn't find any matching listings for your search."

    Also, my count is short by 10, but that's a minute problem in the midst of other sellers' bigger problems. I have not reported mine yet, because I figure that there's a good likelihood that mine will get resolved when others' do.
  • Mine comes and goes and the listed numbers are inconsistent. I'm guessing they are having issues with their database search indexing. I'm also guessing that the data (listings) are actually there but the search index is having problems. I can go from zero listings to almost all of them to some of them to none and back. I'm also guessing (and hoping) that the systems folks hair is on fire trying to figure it out. Wouldn't want to be them right now.
  • Interesting. It seemed to me earlier that everything was solved and works fine.
    However, now once again disappeared sometimes listings.
    I hope they will solve it soon and we can forget about this story.
  • Every time I look at my listing it gets smaller and smaller, two days ago 7000, today 4500. Sorry guys, but I am not doing anything until this is cleaned up.
  • I'm not a seller, but as a buyer it's really frustrating that I can see the stamps in the listing but when I go for a closer look, it's blank. Same with the giveaways.
  • Well the problem finally hit my big time. I had only been missing a few, but now over 6,000 missing.
  • Most of my listings are back! only a few missing WOOHOO!
  • My store has been stable for the last day or so. Still a difference in numbers depending on the sort option I use.
    I'm still going to hold off doing anything - certainly no posting new items - until that blue banner goes away and/or one of the bigwigs tells us it is OK.
    I'm using the time to organize the stack of stuff I call "Stuff to look at" - it's getting large...
  • I will continue to post new listings. The bulk lister doesn't appear to have any issues as those listings show up after being uploaded.
  • I was having problems with a few missing items and a discrepancy between my store items total and my listing total.

    I used the "NEED HELP" button on the bottom right yesterday about noon. Within an hour I received a response and also my missing items showed up and the discrepancy between items in the store front and listing function disappeared. I have had no issues since. I sent off a few orders late yesterday and was able to leave feedback and mark the orders as sent without a problem. Never had an issue with the size of the images showing up on my screen (I use Chrome).

    It appears that there is no system-wide issue but rather different issues with different stores (my assumption based on postings in the Forum). That would make resolving the issues much more difficult since there will not be a quick fix to any one problem. Perhaps this is why the Staff asked everyone to let them know what their particular issues were rather than waiting in silence for a fix. I do know that my issues disappeared shortly after asking for help.

    All of my comments above are strictly assumptions and not based upon any solid facts. Just looking at what has been happening and also the comments that have been left in the Forum.

    I am going to try listing some items later today to see what happens.

    I know nothing about coding, but for different bugs to appear in different stores at various times seems to be the result of either a very sophisticated hack rather than just a simple virus.
  • Today I have missing 10k listings!
  • I just had 1400 listings dropped
  • I just sold something that was previously sold.
  • Filed ticket with HipStamp and they have since fixed my problems. Thanks.
  • I did the same early this am and I am still missing about 700 listings
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