Unsold auction items not returning to store

Is anyone else having problems with unsold auction items not being returned to being listed in their store? I have been told if I list items in my store and then move them to auction if they don't sell they would be returned to my store. But they are showing up as closed and not being returned to my store. I have to go in and relist each item manually and it is very time-consuming. Hipstamp's support staff has been unable to explain why or fix the problem and it is very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • From a sellers perspective it doesn't make sense to automatically relist. Usually when moving from store to auction you do so at a pretty hefty cut in price. When you relist I usually relist at a price somewhere between store and auction price. I don't want Hipstamp to assume price - ever.
  • So my question is, do you manually relist unsold auction items back to your store? HipStamp told me they'd relist in my store automatically after the last time they were at auction closed if there was no sale. That's what I want to have happen. The price isn't a concern for me.
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    Steve, you asked this question back in July of 2020 and Mark explained the way to move items from your store to auction so that they will be relisted....


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    That was a totally different question. This problem is when a stamp is listed in my store, then moved to auction, doesn't sell, and then doesn't return to my store. I'm not using ebay at all.
  • Neither your original question, nor Mark's original answer mentioned ebay. Are you moving it to auction from your store in Members Area - Sellers - Listings and using the "Auction" button as Mark noted.
  • Did you enable "Auto Relist" under Members Area - Selling - Sellers Tools - Default Listing Settings ?
  • Yes and Yes. Thanks for your help.
  • I just been informed that that the team thinks they have diagnosed the problem and hopefully have fixed it. Hopefully if others were having this problem this will have help to you as well. Check your listings that are closed and make sure they are not failing to return to your store if that's what you want to have happen
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