While the catalog is an excellent idea, I think a staff will need to be hired just to make sure its correct. As I expected, because of the way it needs to have the data manually entered, many times it will be incorrect. I pickled Poland on a whim and what I see there is things like this

I also suspect that if people are not using Scott catalogs and filling in the catalog numbers from someplace else, it too will cause confusion. I have not done any new listings here since last week so maybe this is a bug that has been fixed - prefilling in the data. It does not eliminate the mixups in catalogs, but it will prevent the above - I think


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  • When listing items on HipStamp, sellers can provide the catalog numbers explicitly - so this should get better moving forward.

    With regards to the items we automatically identify - whenever we find any examples of items which have been misidentified by our algorithm, we can update it to take into account what the issue was. I've been working on this and reprocessing all 1.6 Million listings a few times these past 2 weeks. It's actually reprocessing now, and Poland should be much better by tomorrow (except that specific example, but we'll take that type of example into account as well).

    We can generally tell when a catalog besides Scott is being used, and wouldn't associate it the same way.
  • I noticed that when I clicked on a displayed item in catalogue view, that two options are available. Neither option takes me to that specific listing in the sellers store for potentially more information (such as price, P&H etc) or to purchase..Perhaps this option could be added?
  • Hi Art,

    When you hover over an Catalog item in the Catalog view (which displays up to 4 items if they're available for sale), at the top of the Catalog item you'll see an option to add that item to your Collection, or to your Want List. If you want to view the Catalog item itself - click anywhere else on the image / title of the Catalog item and you'll be brought to the main Catalog item page (which is similar to a Listing page). ie:

    On that page you'll see 4 matching items (similar to the View More Items From this Seller section on the Listing page), each of which will be for sale. You can also then click the "View All" button to view all the matching items for sale.
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