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Every time I return to my store's main page, the 'Sort By' sequence has reverted to whatever default setting HipStamp (and HipPostCard) has selected, which is of minimal use to me. I always need to see my listings in 'Recently Listed' order (to check for errors in the titles, for example. It would be most helpful if we could select our own default setting for the store's sequence --ie-- once I click on 'Recently Listed,' the sequence stays in that order until if and when I opt to change it. Its getting old having to do this every time I return to my store !


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  • I haven't listed in a while, but I always checked mine in the members area. ... Selling .... Listings .... Open This shows stamps most recently listed, unless that has changed with the new programing.
  • I have a bookmark that is Listings, Open, Sort by New Listings. IT has been working as expected.
  • Hi George,

    We appreciate your bringing this to our attention. We’re always looking to improve and feedback from our members is one of the most valuable tools we have in determining what to build next.

    We'll pass this request along to our product team to review, as well as add a vote to this request internally.

    Thanks again for your suggestion, and if you have any other ideas, please send them our way!

    Best regards,
    Hip Support
  • Same here AHHHHHH. and lost listings do I relist the in a day or will the other listings show up?
  • Anj,

    Is there a way to enable default Search settings on the platform (not necessarily in one's store) to automatically sort by Price: Lowest to Highest?

  • Great idea!

    Andrew there is a few options to get lowest to highest results 1 is when your on a seller's store you can click those options the 2nd is you can put your own price range that your after in a search next to there store or the entire site's listings! Example if I want a stamp in a range I'd put 0.50-1.00 all the listings would show within that price range hope this helps!
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