What do you Collect

I was wondering what do others collect I know the range is huge but I intend to sell here soon and want to know a little about other collectors n what there after so I can put together some good listings if I have what your after available with over 100,000 stamps on hand finding something for your personal collection shouldn't be too difficult just give me the ideas!


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  • I would be interested in French Southern and Antarctic Territories, particularly any with ships on them.
  • US stamps.
    Early 20th century.
    Nothing older than the Columbians. The Washington Franklin's are difficult enough to have kept me busy.
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    US, GB, Hungary, Austria, China - all to around 1970 and all except China are pretty much maxed out with only really high end items missing.
    Hunting & Fishing revenues MNH, including artist-signed and with Remarque.
    Hunting & Fishing Cinderellas.
    US Pumpkin / Jack O 'Lantern Fancy Cancels.
    NY State Postal History & postcards (Columbia & Delaware Counties)
    World Classic Era MNH (won't live long enough to make a big dent in my Vintage Reproduction albums (although I'm giving it my best shot), let alone afford a bunch of these).
    1840 - 1900 World Socked on the nose.
    World cut squares classic era.
    'Pointing Hand' covers.
    Anything else not related to the above that "speaks to me."

    Well...you asked LOL...
  • Anything that has cat hair on it....just kidding. Competing with Kimberly. Antarctic, Falklands, and Southern Ocean.
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    I have an interesting cover... I sent it to my mother in 2013 while I was working in Antarctica. It's the only cover "from there" I have. I got it back last year when I found it among her things after she passed away. Won't be selling that cover.

    As for my collection, everything US. If it's in the Scott Specialized Catalog of US stamps, it's on the list.
    I also have US State Revenues, and Jim Drummond got me into what I call "Out of Book" (affectionally known as WTF) collecting. So I have a crazy set of odd Cinderella and ephemera, generally all related to US.

    I have one topical collection related to "unusual methods of mail carry" which is mostly rocket mail, but includes missile and submarine, as well as space flight covers.

    My only "foreign" collection is Lundy Islands.
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  • Scott

    Most of what I need is getting to my price ceiling. I need a few WF PNS, some WF coils, only if they have certs. I only collect US pre 1940, US territories that are overprinted US stamps and and not much else

    I do want to add, that since I stumbled onto the HIP stamp forums, I have really enjoyed reading all of your posts
  • Thank you all for the comments from what I am gathering I will be able to accommodate most of you with some of your wish lists!
    I've been going threw a lot every night after work shorting threw the hoard I've accumulated in a short few months didn't realize the time required so doing it fastest way shorting out any fault or damaged stamps keeping those in 1 pile then fully used pile then a Precancel Mint Gum pile then 100% MNH VF pile also making Revenue, Proprietary, Stock exchange, postage due, Bob piles, then airmail piles etc seems endless so far I got a boat load of US, GB, French, Germany, Russia, Poland, Magyar, Spain, Austria, Australia, China, Japanese, India, Egypt, Philippines, Mexico, Canada, Rwanda, + a great assortment of other countries & Colonies, not to mention stacks of pairs, blocks, S/S, FDC, Sheets, BoB, etc just from what I described above chances are high for many collectors wish lists!
    I'll do my very best to inform collectors when I list item's of your interests so you have a chance to view and potentially buy for your growing collection!
  • Back of the Book Volume #1. Topical Space. Owls. Dinosaurs. Since I am a rural mail carrier I just started Post Office Delivery Process
  • Brett, well if that's your target, for me you need to put up full collections. I don't buy individual stamps, only collections.
  • Initially my target is too see what others collect! 2nd is to see if I can help accommodate to there collection!
    As for full collections you referring to complete sets like year sets, commemorative sets, presidential sets, etc? Or you mean one's entire collection of accumulation just want to clarify what you mean!
  • Entire collections and accumulations.
  • I collect covers with the corner card in the French language, originating from non French-speaking countries, such as Afghanistan, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, etc...



  • Interesting specialization Francois.
  • Hello Francois,
    Your Covers are Fascinating..Thank You for Sharing. You sent me searching through my material & I found 1 cover you may enjoy seeing. The Corner/Return address is (for the non French speakers here) The Delegation for the Near East..The Geneva, Switzerland based International Labor Bureau Service for Refugees. Under the umbrella of the Society of Nations.
    Dated between the World Wars.. Danbulg1
  • Post WWII Swiss Offices. The Swiss stamps overprinted for the needs that grew out of the War. A (sad) growth & development of the Organization in the Bulgarian Cover above. labor & Refugeesch-1
  • Anything 1960 or prior, new hinged preferably, used if its expensive or hard to find.. Anything newer (post 1960) thats mint unused ONLY.
  • Hello,
    Thanks for all the comments thus far keep it going!
    I recently started selling going slow until I get the groove of this site I put up 20 Glassine lots with 75+ WW stamps in each, as well as 1 auction for a WW/US lot of 90+ stamps from Used to Precancel!
    Adding more tonight possibly some Washington/Benjamin's and foreign WW lots! Washington alone got over 12 different types 1c, 2c, 3c and up giving the 2c got 8 different like type l,ll etc.
  • Do you have a store name/number? If so post it and I'll check it out.
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    Store name is Moulton Stamps after my Last Name! Atm got only 2 listings been sorting threw massive quantities from many listings bought from here n eBay as well as antique malls! https://www.hipstamp.com/store/moulton-stamps
  • My collection consists of UK to 1976, Bulgarian from the beginning to 1960, German Reich DDR and Berlin, Russia and China early periods.
    Also have a large unintended collection of Czech republic, Romania, Italy, Sweden , Norway and Denmark . Will be posting on here here as soon as I can :)
  • That's very cool Karl I have stamps from all those countries, atm trying to get a little collection going from stamps from every country thus far got over 60 countries from a few from 1 country upto thousands of 1 country dating from 1850-current MNH, Precancel, Used, Sheets, S/S, FDC, etc eventually gonna list a WW lot but 1 that has a little of everything not just European stamps and calling it WW lol WW means to me a little from here there every where not 1 general place!
    Been getting a good collection going of WW Revenues, Bank Check, Bank Notes, Propertary, Tax Revenues, Bob, & more!
  • U.S. up to about 1930, any U.S. back of book and Germany until 1991. I also have a small assortment of "WOW, that's really cool" stamps.
  • You can see some of what I collect here https://www.hipstamp.com/store/kardor-stamps
  • You wish that was dust Ron.
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    US, Canada, Newfoundland and the first issues of COGH, DR, Liberia, Mexico, and whatever appeals to me
  • A collection of "Mr Zips" found in the margin of older US sheets could be unusual. Or corner stamps with double straight edges, usually rejected out of hand, so kinda hard to assemble a collection without breaking down sheets, especially rarer issues (ones not yet re-perforated)
  • So anything new anyone is collecting? After searching just the surface of what I've got gonna have a lot of what yall are after not everything just scratched the surface gonna try my luck with a Stamp bundle and coins to match example of 3 be like Buffalo stamps with Buffalo nickels, Indian head Stamps with Indian head penny, Abraham Lincoln Stamps with Wheat Penny etc gonna be a fun way to differ myself from the crowd even got foreign coins with stamps I can go on, then I have a few sheets that are not mint but may have some value still that I wanna list and see where it goes along with those wanna list some MNH sheets that don't exactly appeal to me but perhaps others, got some cool Bicentennial Barbuda S/s MNH maybe Listing soon unless I need 1 more to complete the set got the 15c/35c sheet and the $1/$2 sheet I think I missing perhaps like 50c/75c not sure on that, got a group of MNH sorting threw to list, Precancels, Used, gonna throw together when I can a nice Revenue lot maybe a few US, GB, French, Germany, Italy, China, Japan to name a few countries of Revenues I've obtained some of witch duplicates got so many I wanna share them!
    So looking back I got Used stamps singles, Pairs, Blocks, S/S, FDC, Sheets, Postal cards, Envelopes n the oddity, then there is Precancels I got Singles, Pairs, Blocks, Sheets n not sure what else yet, then MNH I got singles, Pairs, Blocks, S/S, Sheets, Postal cards, envelopes not sure if I covered everything I got like I said just scratching the surface good start for only starting to collect since this summer started off with my Grandmother's 1953 Birthyear Collection Framed Nicely, then saved a bunch of stamps from my days using Listia probably like 500 nothing compared to my ventures of buying from here thus far got over 50,000 stamps from here including singles, pairs, blocks, S/S, FDC, Sheets, Postal cards n more, then Ebay got over 100,000 from a handful of people some good resale potential listings couldn't resist buying then 2 large boxes 1 was 6 Pounds the other was 13 pounds all filled with anything Philately related 1 of those boxes not from same seller did have like 10% that was stuck together I managed to sort threw and saving for a later day to soak n preserve then list!
    Keep on stamping n don't forget to share your experiences with others its how we learn and how new philatelic new comers come about!
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