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I have been a member of the program that sends out e-mails with the daily listings for some time. For some reason, they just stopped. I contacted customer service but did not receive an answer. Is anyone else having this problem? Add this to the many listing page problems and I become disheartened, The many entry page problems are worse than the problems we had under SG.


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  • Did you change your store status? That service is not available to a basic store subscribers.
  • No. Have not changed a thing.
  • Make things worse, I have now sent 2 requests to customer service and have not received an answer to either one. I really liked this site, but lately, we just seem to go from 1 problem to another.
  • Is this new on HipStamp? I'm getting practically everyday a "Popup" asking if yer or no I agree to increase my storage from 1,1G to 1,2G and so on. Never had this before, and actually I probably use less space than 2 years ago.
  • I have changed nothing. Another 2 days and nothing in response to my question. Did they stop the service for our advertising via e-mail? If not, what happened to mine?
  • I don't believe that popup has anything to do with the HipStamp site. It sounds like you might have a "Dropbox" or some other type of backup storage located in the "cloud". I generally get that type of message when I'm adding new image scans. I generally delete some older material from "Dropbox" rather than purchasing more space.
  • Harry, I have to say I honestly have no idea what "service" you are talking about. I have a featured store myself and my marketing rep will send out a newsletter email every couple weeks or so to my previous customers but that doesn't sound like what you are talking about.
  • Greg, I haven't listed anything new in a couple of months, but when I did, HipStamp would send out notifications to my existing customers of new listings in addition to the "newsletter" you are referring too which generally featured a grouping of stamps. I found out this when I talked with my marketing rep. I requested him to set me as a recipient, so I could see what marketing they were providing.
  • Interesting. Didn't know they did that. Seems to me that could quite irritating for a customer who buys from a lot of different sellers. They could get dozens of emails or more a day that way.
  • They would only send once a week for both. For me, one was sent on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday.
  • Ah gotcha!
  • It may have an experimental program. I really don't. Hipstamp called me and asked if I wanted to be part of the program and I agreed. Every day, they would send out an e-mail with the items I had listed within the last 24 hours. Once, it stopped because of some change them made that did not pickup my store but was fixed. Now I can't even get a response. Maybe they decided to stop the program but you would have thought they would have notified those participating.
  • Harry - you have a basic store, as I do, and we do not get these newsletters. I opted in a couple months ago and it was good. I got more sales, but after the trial, no one ever contacted me again to see if I wanted to upgrade my store and get these special newsletters.
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