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Any opinions as to whether covers sell better on eBay or on Hipstamps? There is a forum at another online site that claims eBay is a better venue than HipStamps for cover sales. Personally I'm hoping that is not true as I would much prefer HipStamps to sell all of my philatelic inventory.


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  • In my experience, covers do way better on eBay than here, unfortunately.
  • I will second that - covers just don't seem to sell much either at auction or as store inventory on Hipstamp.
  • eBay is better since they do not promote covers and postal history on this site but I left eBay after 23 years because of managed payments and it is run by incompetent people.
    If you have a customer base on eBay you can bring them here if you have their email addresses.
  • The conflicting comments here are amusing. I would say that I've had better sales of covers here at Hip than at eBay, however the type/theme/country/presence of cache/FDC are all significant factors. So the question is, what KIND of covers are you selling?
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    OK - I’ll bite

    I have around 300 covers listed ranging mainly from stampless through 1920’s - heavy in 19th century. Eclectic selection - DPO’s. RPO’s, fancy cancels, ad covers, decent letters, first flights, etc. Admittedly low to mid range (mostly $5 to $10 up to $40 or so plus some dollar box covers). I only have another 8 to 10 thousand to list “someday” like everybody else.

    Why no “better” covers ($25 to $100 plus) ? Because it’s a lot easier to attend a small private get together of full time dealers on an “off” weekend day at someone’s house (few and far between).. I usually sell 30 to 40 percent of what I bring at a nominal 20 per cent discount. They have the customers - Hipstamp doesn’t. Plus no scanning, write ups, etc.

    Sample scans of Hipstamp stock below - any comments on why they don't sell appreciated

    ONETWO (2)

    ONETWO (1)
  • Same answer as Henry...anything from low value FDC's to higher end US Patriotics like:
    Hudson 1
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    I agree with the previous comments. Collectors of postal history tend to head to eBay, where there are very many dealers selling strictly covers. The same is also true for Delcampe, where you can present your covers in six different languages, which is normal, Delcampe being based in Europe. I use both sites for buying and selling covers, with satisfying results. I`m doing fine selling stamps on Hipstamp, even though I only have a modest presence.
  • The other thing to keep in mind "What Was" on eBay is rapidly changing. More and more dealers (self included) moved away from eBay, and that continues. So what may have been over the years, may be changing as well, and continue to change as more reputable dealers leave.
    eBay is (or will) face a crisis soon, that being they have driven good sellers away for years now. Their policies continue to do so. They try to treat digital yard sale like Amazon, and those models don't work.
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