Any Canada small queen collectors out there?

I recently won a Vance auction of a collection of Canada small queens. Consists several pages the vast majority of which different color variations. I though this collection would add some nice color variations to my store. I now regret this purchase. Many of the color variations in the collection are not listed the same in Unitrade. Also, I have determined (now too late) that to price one of these that is an increases the "base" color, will likely be very tough without certifying. I've decided to try to sell the whole collection intact as received by me...maybe at a loss. I might make a few bucks if I break up and sell, but the time and effort would be better spent elsewhere in my store. If there are any small queen collectors out there PM me directly and we can discuss further.


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  • Update...I have listed this collection here as an auction item.
  • What is your store called?
  • Troutbum stamps
  • Auction closed yesterday, with several views, but no bids. My starting bid of $100 was less than a third of what I paid. Surprised and disappointed. My first "really bad buy" I guess. I thought getting into small queens would be fun....turning out to be a quagmire. Live and learn.
  • I missed the auction. Can you list this lot in your store?
  • Yeah John....I will relist another auction. My next step was Ebay, and I'm reluctant to there.
  • Closure....only bidder got the whole bunch at $100. A serious money loser for me. However, it would have taken a lot of time to break them out as singles and sell. Knowing the work that likely went into the collection, it just seemed a shame if not kept intact. The experience also pretty much helped me to give up trying to be an "expert" at small queens. I don't think I have enough time on earth left to accomplish that. On a positive not, I had a good week sales wise and have almost covered my small queen loss. Excelsior!
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