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  • Hal Nathan
    Les...How can i be way off base???? I am a retired stamp and coin dealer in fact all types of collectibles... I have seen a lot in the + years of the hobby but it does not change the fact that the younger generation has no interest. What is ever going to happen to the key items in later years??? Personally i bought heaps of mint USA stamps at close to 20% FV in australia and now just using them on my shipping of packages...if you want to see some, i will send to you...I smother that packages as best as i can..... That also helps me get rid of the crap... Unlike in my younger years ( 1960's and 1970's ) stamps are useless now.....I have seen it as a buyer, a collector and a dealer.... I know make my money by sticking stamps onto envelopes for companies and stamp clubs and charge them 75% of face value and i do all the work for free..You cant earn 25% in the bank for intrest..I have been doing this since 1973...hal
    July 2019