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  • Hi Michael.. well said.. well written. did you see this form a very well know seller .. under promos....

    Holiday Reminder- Buy unlimited number of items-shipping for US .99 NON-US 1.49 for ANY AMT OF ITEMS

    Perhaps you read the piece we published in the IPDA Newsletter for November.. you can find it on the IPDA website here http://www.ipdastamps.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/IPDA-2018-11-Nov-newsletter.pdf hopefully it was useful to those who read it. and just by example.. and I give the caveat that just because a USA seller quotes their international shipping to be say $2.00 doesn't mean that they actually ship that way - they may be absorbing the cost ( I doubt it though!! ) I had a quick look at some sellers.. basically from 48 sampled 40 advertise international shipping rates in the $1.50 to $4.00 range the 80 : 20 rule could well apply
    As you say going to be a big issue in coming year one can speculate. happy New Year IPDA Gen Sectry
    December 2018
  • Yeah idk where one would be I live in the mountains closest place an hour away in Bakersfield is there books or websites that could help
    July 2018
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