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  • Hi Ted What price for your 231 types do you want?
    December 2021
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    December 2019
  • www.hipstamp.com/store/tatyszka-stamps
    November 2019
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    October 2019
  • I have a huge collection I just bought I want to get some insight on if possible.
    June 2019
    • Ted Tyszka
      Ted Tyszka
      Hi Sabrina. I apologize for the late reply. I just came across your message.
      If you take some photos and email them to me tedski2000@gmail.com, I'll try to help you figure out what you have. Are you just trying to figure out what you have, and then continue building on it? Or, are you looking to resell the stamps?

  • Hal Nathan
    originally i am from Australia and we have a saying that a true stamp collector is a parasite... Even me....
    They dont stay loyal to any supplier or dealer as good customers as the price rules the way....
    Some of my items maybe priced at 2 or 3 dollars but when you think about it, tou wast $2 a person
    when tipping a server and what do you have for it??? Something in your stomache that is going to go
    down the toilet in the longrun.

    if you happened to notice , i will accept reasonable offers.. If you want me to talk to you, i will phone you..OK??

    hal nathan
    June 2019
  • Ted, thank you for your comment.
    Even that we were pricing our stamps from the 2013 scott catalog, we always listed the stamps cheaper.
    Doris, at https://www.hipstamp.com/store/philasource
    February 2019
  • Ted: Thanks for your info on Allingham. I had forgotten the name but not the poem. Not sure why I didn't ask my Irish wife until after you reminded me of the name. A friend of mine Prof. David Wilson did a two volume book on Thomas D'Arcy McGee and gave me credit in the book for supplying him a Canada #146 Mint D'Arcy McGee stamp which is fully illustrated in this great piece of literature.Now and then David does a musical presentation on the story. The musicians are all as old as the Rolling Stones so their nickname is the McGeezers.
    Thought you might like this as I know you are interested in Music. All the best, John Talman
    October 2017
  • Mike Horvat
    Of course your comment about "jobs" is just adding sillyness to the conversation. Of course you can collect anything you want...but you might consider whether it is postage or potential postage, a scrap of paper or a stamp.
    May 2017
  • Hey Ted,
    Sorry for not replying earlier as I didnt receive any type of notification that you had posted. I have a small store going slow and steady in my listing. As for Your giveaway you need to put a link to your store to help drive the buyers o you
    August 2016
  • Hi Ross. Good to see you again. Are you all set up here with a store?
    August 2016
  • Hey Ted,
    Long time no chat.
    August 2016
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    April 2016