Join the fast-growing marketplace designed exclusively for stamp collectors who spend millions each year purchasing from knowledgeable sellers like you.
Why to sell on HipStamp?
Grow Your Business
$20 Million in stamps are sold every year on HipStamp. Get your cut of the action!
Reach a World of Collectors
Connect with our rapidly growing network of passionate stamp collectors.
List for Free
Pay zero dollars in store listing fees with any HipStamp subscription.
Choose the Plan That's Right For You
$ 295 / mo
with 1-yr plan or $3.95/mo without

Up to 100 listings

Email support

$ 695 / mo
with 1-yr plan or $9.95/mo without

Up to 10,000 listings

Email support

Lower transaction fees

Store directory listing

$ 5995 / mo
with 1-yr plan or $74.95/mo without

Up to 1,000,000 listings

Premium support

Lower transaction fees

Premium directory listing

Premium marketing support

Gold HipValues Subscription

A Simple, Straightforward Payment Structure
Store Listing Fee
Fixed Price - Valid Until Sold
Each Store Subscription level includes a specific amount of active listings. If you exceed the specified amount, you will be automatically upgraded to the next level.
Auction Listing Fee
Auctions Last 1 thru 10 Days
Receive bids on your item, and sell it to the highest bidder! An optional Buy It Now price can also be included, with no additional fee.
Transaction Fee
Based on the Total Amount of the Sale
11.95% for Starter Subscriptions. Which is the final price of the item, including shipping charges. Max Fee per item: $350 for Basic, Featured & Premium Subscriptions.
A Better Way to Sell Stamps
1 Attract Your Target Audience
Tens of Thousands of passionate stamp collectors are looking for you right now -- and they’re on HipStamp. Join today and get connected.
2 Increase Your Exposure
Import your entire ebay store to HipStamp in minutes with our easy-to-use sync feature. If an item sells on one platform, it will be removed from the other -- so you get twice the exposure with no extra effort.
3 Keep Customers Coming Back for More
Increase customer retention and exponentially grow your business with free services such as our Seller Marketing program.
Frequently Asked Questions
A few common questions about selling on HipStamp...
How do I get paid?
Payments are made directly to you via PayPal, which allows buyers to pay you from a variety of payment methods including PayPal, credit, and debit cards. All funds from your sales are directly deposited into your bank account in your currency, no matter how or where the buyer pays.
How do I list my items?
You can list individual items through our Sell page, or list larger quantities through our Bulk Lister which also allows you to import your own CSV files from any other website or marketplace. We also offer a Sell API and an Ebay Sync feature.
Can I import my listings from ebay?
Yes! If you sell on ebay, you can automatically sync your entire store to HipStamp. Once you've synced your ebay store, any new items you add to ebay will automatically be added to HipStamp; and best of all, if you sell an item on either platform, it’s instantly removed from the other - so you won't run into any inventory management issues.
How does HipStamp protect sellers?
When you sell on HipStamp, each eligible transaction is protected by PayPal's Seller Protection for up to $2,500. Additionally, our Support team is always here to help resolve any disputes that may arise.
How do fees work on HipStamp?
In order to sell on HipStamp, you'll need to open a Store with us, by selecting from one of our available Store Subscription levels that best fit your needs. Once you select a Store Subscription, there are no per-item listing fees for store items and a low auction listing fee of 3¢.
When you sell an item with us, you'll pay a transaction fee of 8.95% on the total order value, capped at $350 per item. All fees are billed in USD.
What can I sell on HipStamp?
HipStamp provides a marketplace for sellers specializing in stamps, philatelic items, and select related categories as can be found in our categories directory.
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