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HipValues in Search Results

The goal of a HipValue is to represent the current average online selling price - so unlike Catalog Values, roughly 50% of items sold online will have a higher value than any given current HipValue, and 50% will have a lower value.

With each HipValues subscription, when available, the HipValue will be displayed directly below the search results box. Next to the HipValue, in parenthesis, will be the number of previous sales available which were used in calculating the HipValue. When displayed within the contact of Search Results, HipValues provide you with a quick additional source of information to help inform your buying and bidding activity.

HipValues are based upon the Country and Catalog Number, as well as the Stamp Condition and Format. To review the details of which HipValue is currently being displayed, simply hover over the HipValue as shown in this example.

For more information and background on how we calculated any particular HipValue, and/or to get a better idea on pricing based on condition and centering, click through any HipValue to explore a sample of the sales data and listings behind the HipValue. To view a sample of the sales data page - click the example shown.

Search and Filter by HipValues

One of the most powerful features of HipValues is the ability to Search and Filter by HipValue.

Once enabled through a Gold Subscription, when you browse or search, a new filter will be displayed, which allows you to search and filter your results based upon HipValues. These filters include the following:

HipValue: Filter your Search results to display only items with a certain HipValue or within a HipValue range.

HipValue Sales: Filter your Search results to display only items which have a specific amount of sales with us. This provides an excellent opportunity to review popular items and items with well informed HipValues.

Price to HipValue Ratio: Want to find amazing deals and bargains on Stamps? By filtering by Price to HipValue Ration you can easily spot some of the best deals around! For example, try setting the Price to HipValue Ratio to display items which only have prices that are at most 75% of their corresponding HipValue.

As a Seller, this is also a great option to help you easily find items which are not currently priced to market value.

Tips, Tricks & Caveats

Review the Details

HipValues are not only based upon the Country and Catalog Number of a listing, but the Condition and Format as well. The HipValue displayed will match what is set within the Item Specifics of each listing. To review exacty which HipValue is being displayed to you - simply hover over the HipValue.

Not Available for All Listings

Since HipValues are based on real sales data, and split up by Condition and Format, not every listing will have a HipValue. Additionally, we do not currently support HipValues for listings with only Stanley Gibbons or foreign Catalog Numbering systems at this time. However, we plan to add these in the future.

Always Getting Better

We're always working to improve HipValues, and you'll see each HipValue change often as we acquire more sales data on each item, and improve our algorithms. In some particular cases, if previously sold items were mis-identified, the HipValue in question may be less than accurate. However, we're always working to improve this.

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