How's your STAMPWANTS 'recall'? ••• A FREE COVER to those of you with great memories!

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I miss the camaraderie of the old STAMPWANTS gang!

I recently came across a bunch of old drawings that I had done for the STAMPWANTS Forum back when we were all toying with the idea of creating a StampWants Mascot! Any of you remember that little exercise?

One of the nearly 30 animals and other characters that were suggested as candidates happened to be a SHARK . . . so I put that artwork on an envelope, franked it with one of the recent shark stamps, and serviced it at the recent AmeriCover convention of the AFDCS in Cleveland, Ohio (my hometown!).

StampWants Shark
I'll send one of these covers - FREE!- to the FIRST FIVE old-time StampWanters who can each name TWO of the different mascot proposals that I drew up back in 2008 based on your suggestions! (You aren't allowed to merely restate a mascot from a previous winning guess).

Just name two of the animals or characters that were suggested and drawn up! For each pair of winning mascot guesses you post here you'll win this FREE COVER (retail value: a smile) and I'll post the original images of the two mascots in your winning guess from all those years ago!

Guess early . . . guess often!

Good Luck!

. . . and you can check out our current cover offerings here:



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