Seller is refusing to complete our transaction

I recently bought a stamp on HipStamp and paid for it imediately through PayPal. Now the seller is apparently refusing to complete the sale. Do I have any recourse through Hip Stamp? Where do I report this?


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  • Hello James

    Go to the bottom of this page and under Help click on Contact Us.

    Why is the seller refusing to ship stamp to you and who is this seller?

    When your ready just go to PayPal and get your money back and leave Negative feedback for the seller.
  • The seller's i.d. is akishstampseller and he has provided no reason for his refusal to complete the transaction. In fact, he did not contact me to inform me that he was canceling the transaction.
  • That's a great sign of a very poor seller and a person that doesn't give a shit about customer service. If it was me I would get refund from PayPal and leave Negative feedback now.
  • I note that I informed the seller that I was submitting the stamp to P.S.E. for certification and would require extra time should a return be necessary. His response was "no problem". He apparently then canceled the transaction before sending the stamp shortly thereafter.
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    I read you Negative Post, good job. I'm at the NASCAR race today and my store will be open tomorrow. You may find the same item you need and I will work with you on the price. I have over 110,000 items. Have A Great Day
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  • Seller has left negative feedback for me - although I'm the aggrieved party!. HipStamp management seems totally apathetic towards the problem. Apparently it's time to ditch HipStamp and go back to buying on eBay.
  • Before you say there apathetic to the problem. Did you contact Hipstamp or just the seller? If contacted Hipstamp will surely remove the negative feedback since its not warranted.
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    Hi James,

    I'm sorry to hear about the issue you've had with this Seller.

    I see that you reached out to our team earlier today with regards to the feedback in question - which we promptly removed. We're also following up with the Seller in question and will take appropriate action with regards to the transaction and the retaliatory feedback - which is expressly prohibited by our terms and conditions.
  • I appreciate your involvement, Mark.
  • Hi James, Your post caught my eye when I recognized the identified seller as someone whom I've known for some years. I am troubled to hear of your situation as my experience with this person has given me no indication that a problem such as this would occur. Hopefully it is a matter of broken communication or some other explanation. It would be good to learn of the final disposition through a fleshing out of just what happened.
  • Ron, there was no "disposition". He canceled the transaction the day after I notified him that I was sending the stamp in for certification. He did refund my money but then left negative feedback for me. There have been no negative consequences for him. I wrote and asked him if he really "made a mistake" as he claims, why didn't he contact me and explain the situation and see if we couldn't work something out. There has been no reply. I don't know what your experience with him is, but as far as I'm concerned, he's a jerk!
  • James, upon reviewing both of your feedbacks, it appears yours has been restored to its unblemished state while his, regrettably, shows some previous dissatisfactions (albeit amongst many positive ones). That is not easy for me to reconcile as I do not wish to undo a general perception of someone due to some business dealings which may not have been handled too well. I'm sorry that you (or any buyer) has a negative experience because of the bad taste it leaves between the parties. Perhaps I'll have the benefit of sometime hearing his perspective, but as it stands now, feedback favors your account.
  • Ron, when I agree to a deal, I consider myself committed to it - even though I might have regrets or misgivings later. I stick to my agreement and accept any negative consequences unless the item I'm purchasing has not been honestly represented. Anyone who has a different attitude should not be participating in the commercial end of our hobby because our integrity and the trust it inspires is what makes the transactions we participate in possible. These transactions would not be possible if we could not depend on the seller's - or the buyer's - word and feel confident that the transaction would be completed as agreed. Those who violate that trust harm each of us, buyers and sellers alike, because we can no longer feel confident in dealing with others. I understand that mistakes can be made and misunderstandings can occur, but those should be addressed honestly and openly between buyer and seller. As people of integrity, I think each of us can be counted upon to "do the right thing". My biggest problem with this transaction and the seller involved in it is that he arbitrarily, with no explanation or warning, terminated an agreement he was a party to. Furthermore, in retaliation for the well-deserved negative feedback he received, he trashed me using the feedback system. Is this the behavior of a trustworthy seller? Is this the kind of person you wish to do business with? I think not.
  • My previous comments were meant to temper the atmosphere I saw unfolding; one of assumed guilt by way of one person's accounting. And in an attempt at some conciliation after having checked the respective feedbacks, I acknowledged the variance of the two records. I'm sensing my involvement might be unintendedly feeding the flame and as this is a forum and not a courtroom, I feel it best to refrain from further discussion in this particular case, especially since a principal has been involuntarily identified. I would concur with earlier recommendation to contact Hipstamp and allow them to address it which appears, by Mark's response, to be initiated.
  • I agree with you 100%, James. Sometimes you just have to own up to your mistakes. I recently had an incident, myself, where I listed a Wonder Woman comic for $6, and, no sooner had I pressed the "Submit Listing" button, when someone in cyberspace hit the "Buy It Now" button. Upon searching other listings, I found that this issue was drawing hundred-dollar bids. Somehow, I had overlooked this issue, when doing my pre-listing price checks. Them's the breaks. Sure, it hurt to leave all that money on the table. But, on the philosophical side, I still made a 200% profit off the price I paid just a few months earlier. :smiley:


  • Reminds me of a news story I read, some decades ago, back when Chrysler Corp also included the Plymouth and Dodge brands. A dealer advertised, "Buy any Chrylser product, get a free trip to Hawaii."

    A customer went in to their Parts and Service department, bought a gas cap, and then asked for his free trip. When the dealer balked, because that's not what they meant when they said "any product," the customer sued, and the court sided with him. Them's the breaks.

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    It's awful when a seller sells something and then reneges on the price. I have had this happen to me many times and to be honest much more on Ebay. Most of the sellers are courteous on here and will likely try to correct an honest mistake. The most typical excuse was I can't find the item mysteriously.
  • What is the stamp in question? There is a need to know so we can all appreciate this thread properly.
  • The seller has re-listed the stamp on HipStamp

    Strangely enough, the stamp was listed as "MNH" when I attempted to purchase it, but now is listed as "MH" in the heading - although other areas on the listing describe the stamp as "MNH". At this point, it is impossible to tell if this seller is dishonest or merely incompetent. In either case, based upon the inconsistencies in his listing and the experience I had with him, I would advise avoiding doing business with him.
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