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  • Happens all the time all over the world.
  • Perhaps on a small scale not 17000 pieces.
  • Even larger. From the same article:

    In 2014, a Brooklyn mail carrier was discovered to have hidden 40,000 pieces of undelivered mail — a total of 2,500 pounds — over nine years.
  • It's mind boggling, they did say the mail that was undelivered would be sent if it was in good condition.
  • Some years back the APS noted that some of its circuit books were "going astray" in California? The USPS tried to brush off the APS, but eventually followed up and found a house or apartment full of "slightly delayed mail". My old memory can not come up with better details but it does happen, and will probably happen again at some point.
  • Under paid and over worked, I wonder if he was an employee under contractors like here. Seems to be a western world trait. We are suffering the same by Australia Post. $2.00 to take up to 7 days to get a letter from another state to a regional area providing it is not damaged or ran over by their forklifts first.
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