I hate paypal!

Sold a lot of stamps, middle east, on paypal while on eBay. Paypal tells me 'embargo' cant sell Iran stamps on eBay anymore. Closed my store and opened on hipstamp. They're back! Today, I get a hold of $25.00 from paypal. Customers in the UK.
I want to find another online service. I enjoy selling stamps. Sadly paypal wants me to stop..an help?????????


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  • Leo, not sure anyone can help here? are you complaining that PayPal is upholding the law of the land and you should be exempt?
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    Re the embargo: I believe the Scott Catalogue does not list stamps the editors have not physically held in their little grubbies. It appears they have been committing criminal cataloging for 30 years. (The embargo applies to stamps produced since Oct 1987.)
  • Michael Almond,
    first its-Lee not Leo
    Second I would never want to be treated different than the other sellers.
    Third-I hate to be singled out for my collecting/selling area-trust me-
    As Veteran I know all about, 'the lay of land', trust me-
    Exempt? ha!
    I sell stamps and ENJOY the hobby-nothing else.
    Remember the title? It might be a bit long for you, let me refresh your memory-
    -----I HATE PAYPAL-----
    Please spare me the wasted time of reading your reply, I just ate-
  • Ted-just put your order together, it goes out in the am--thanks!!
  • ted power went out this am, Wednesday, your stamps are on the way--
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