Please help identify


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  • A revenue from India
  • Hi Michael,

    That was my initial reaction also, except all other revenues from India I have seen have a face value, the name of the state and some English text.

    I'm thinking it might be a local revenue.
  • Madhya Bharat also known as Malwa Union, was an Indian State in west-central India, created on 28 May 1948 from twenty five princely states which until 1947 had been part of Central India Agency. On 1st Nov 1956, Madhya Bharat together with the states of vindhyachal pradesh and Bhopal State, was merged into Madhya Pradesh State. The state was mostly Hindu and Hindi speaking, Madhya Bharat is only state those stamps inscribed in Hindi text.

    the denomination here is 8 annas
  • this is a court fee stamp of 8 annas
  • Greatly appreciated.

    Do you have any idea as to the value of this stamp?

    Thank you,

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