15% off over 200 stamps listed in my store at $2.00 to $10.00 each

I no longer collect stamps and have been selling my accumulation over the past several years. My collecting focus was pre-1940 colonial Africa and Caribbean, but I also have stamps outside my areas of focus that need a new home. Nearly all of my stamps are listed individually. This sale includes only stamps with a listing price from $2.00 to $10.00. They are from a variety of countries. I try to provide clear images of the stamps and identify any faults. If you have questions, please contact me. My store is at:



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  • Hello Thomas,
    Could you or someone share how you set up the sale, for a range of prices?
  • Jimmy, I could have sworn that the promotion setup page used to have a space for specifying a price range of the items you want to put on sale. I don't see it now, though. Maybe Tom can correct me, but the only way I see is to go to your store front page (the page customers see, not your Members Area page), use the price range filter for the items you want to put on sale, export a report of those listings, highlight and copy the cells with the HipStamp ID number, then paste those numbers into the Applies to the Following Listings box, on the promotion setup page.

  • I see, now, my mind is not yet failing me:
    It's the HipComic promotion setup page that includes a box for specifying the price range of items to put on sale. I wonder why that was not included on the HipStamp page.
  • James, I think there is a thread here where we discussed this late last year or early this year.

    if memory serves, I downloaded a CSV file and sorted those results by selling price. I then selected the HipStamp ID numbers for the stamps in the price range I wanted. I wasn't able to simply copy those IDs into the box on the Promotion setup page. So, I copied those IDs to a MS Word document. They show up in Word as a table. I had to select the table and convert it to text. Then, using "Find and Replace," I added the required commas after each ID number.

    Keep in mind that Mark said in that earlier conversation here in the Forums that spaces between the ID numbers work just as well as commas. That wasn't true in my case. The only way I could get the listing to work was with those commas between the ID numbers. Good luck.
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