Persia / Early Iran

In the coming days here on HipStamp, we will be uploading numerous early Persian Stamps (from my Uncle's Collection).
Hope you enjoy what we have to offer!

Michael & Andrea


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  • Be aware that most "early" stamps from, Iran have been extensively counterfeited to the extent that genuine stamps are extremely rare to find.
  • We are not Professional Stamp Appraisers, nor Dealers. We do offer our Customers High Resolution Scans of ALL of our listings to assist our Customers to the BEST of our abilities. I hope our Customers understand and appreciate this (caveat emptor).
  • You don't have to be professional stamp dealers, etc. The warnings in the catalogs are plain enough. The vast majority of early Iranian stamps on the market today are counterfeit. Just because they are from an uncle's or from an "old" collection does not change that fact.

    Plus, you've been selling stamps for many years. You are a dealer.
  • You would be booted from most sites (including here probably) if you try selling counterfeits not described as such and clearly marked so on the stamps. Better to have them checked first by a specialist in this area.
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    If you are not sure just add possible forgery and take into account a reduced price. Some sellers appear oblivious to early classic forgeries especially Italian States. Scott's should dedicate an edition just to forgeries as information is sporatic and all over the place, but it surely complicates collecting for better or worse.
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