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Anyone else having problems with sales showing that they have been paid by Paypal, but no email from Paypal and the sales not showing in my Paypal account.


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  • My PayPal account worked according to form, today.
  • Mine seems to be working now but there were were sales and payments and emails yesterday that took a long time to get to me
  • I am seeing this problem today. HipStamp notification was almost two hours ago and payment does not yet appear in PayPal
  • Any sale that takes place on HipStamp which is paid using PayPal, will only go through if the payment goes through on PayPal. So there wouldn't be any sales on HipStamp which state they're paid with PayPal if that's not the case.

    However, if notifications on PayPal are being delayed, or for some reason, the transaction is not showing up immediately, this would be an issue with PayPal. However, as a Seller, you should always be able to click on the link to the PayPal transaction which is displayed on the order in the Sold Orders section on HipStamp.
  • I went directly to Paypal after the order came in and the sale, and another sale, were not showing up in my Paypal account at all, so it must have been a Paypal hiccup. I have the funds now, and the orders have been shipped. I will try to remember the link from the sold orders page to Paypal if the system hiccups again.
  • In my case the sale notification was sent at 10:57 AM and the PayPal payment notification was at 1:36 PM
  • I had this same exact thing happen to me the other day. I got the Hipstamp Invoice/Order and it said paid by PayPal - but when I clicked on the PayPal transaction # link - it came up with OOPS could not be found. I did not get the corresponding PayPal email and for awhile there was no sign of the payment. I opened up support ticket and Justin was also stumped but then all of the sudden the email from PayPal showed up and the payment was there. Seems like it must have been a PayPal issue....
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