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    Yikes! You're right it doesn't seem to make sense. The high bidder has an almost 14,000 feedback rating and his bid exceeds cat value even if he regards the Aden set 48-55 as 66-73 ( lot totals $29.30 or $56.50) and all the items are hinged. The seller's inventory also shows this grouping as his highest-bidded lot with most others far less. I imagine the top bidder's offering of $64+ further suggests the previous bidder's top was a little below the $64+, which compounds the enigma. I doubt two people would both mis-key their bids. If I had this lot in my store it would be priced at 15% cat or about $4.50.
  • Many years ago on StampWants, two bidders got into a frenzy and drove the price of a moderately valued item to the sky. When it was all over, the high bidder sent me an email stating that he wasn't going to pay for the item he won in the auction, because the price was too high. Of course there were final value fees I owed StampWants, but Mark took care of that. I believe the buyer was kicked off the site as well.

    This looks like a bidding frenzy to me with one trying to get the other to overpay for the item. It will be interesting to see if the high bidder pays for this.

    I have seen bidding frenzies in live auctions too (not just stamp-related). The winner often gets quite upset, and sometimes angry, over what happened. Failure to pay for that stupidity gets the person barred from future auctions. "Storage Wars" is just a stupid television show, but some people think they can play the bidding games that they see on that show. Like I said, I see it all the time.
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    Yuuup! My pic of Dave Hester didn't upload shucks. Am I the only one that wished Mike and Frank from American Picker's or Rick and Chumlee would come across some stamps, I am still waiting for that episode.
  • Pawn Stars also had an episode where there was an 8 cent Eisenhower booklet with a folded pane. It was a legit error.
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