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  • That's good, but it doesn't do anything about the outgoing postage rates from the US to other countries. It just makes it more expensive to ship to the US.
  • Michael,

    That is not quite accurate according to the article

    What the so-called “victory” plan will do is allow the United States as early as next summer to establish a new — and presumably more costly — price schedule for letters and packages from overseas. Other nations can follow, setting their own prices over the next five years.

    Countries that have inbound letter-post volumes in excess of 75,000 metric tons based on 2018 data will be able to self-declare rates starting July 1, 2020, the UPU said.

  • And from another article

    UPU Secretary-General Bishar Hussein said the deal would not kick in until July 1, 2020, for the U.S., when the American self-declared rates will go into effect. For other member states, he said, the new postal rate system will begin in January 2021.

    Once a country declares its rates, he said, the exporting country will have to factor in that cost. This, he said, means that cost will be transferred to the person who is mailing that item.
  • That's what I said.
  • The US rates to export goods through the postal system will change for the US in 2021 as the other countries start setting their own their rates. For example in 2020 the US will change the rates which will mean that shipments coming from China will be going up for the Chinese. But in January of 2021 the Chinese will be able to set their rates,and the US will have to factor those costs into the price for our shipments to China which will affect the outbound rates for those in the US shipping to China.
  • Well without the US volume the UPU doesn't work so we should determine the playing rules not to mention we are funding the whole operation.
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    This started in part from the big stink on China rates for "E Packet" I have received small packages from China that have .75 in shipping charges for a package. It was costing me $3 to ship the same item to my neighbor across the street at the time. To ship it back to China? maybe under $10... maybe? Not sure how this will change things just yet but there is a big question still on a Discount? clause they are offering countries. maybe some here can explain this? The cheap china shipping also includes tracking. To ship to China with Tracking? my guess $16 minimum.. tracking is needed to return an item as proof of shipping that can be used to request a refund or proof that it was shipped that is valid. so 75c cost in China or $16 cost (usps) in USA. this may be less with private carriers/insurance companies as stated here before.

    this is a huge negative for USA companies to have it a lot cheaper to ship from china to inside the USA. But even bigger negative is the cost to ship to china as opposed to them to ship here. the rates should at least be somewhat similar. This problem also almost eliminates the possibility of returning an item to China if not pleased.

    good to see this moving forward but I suspect it needs a lot of tweaking in the coming years and i hope it does not cause our rates to increase but we all know that will never happen
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    The USPS has to subsidize the postage costs of the nations, like China, for mail coming to the US. Chinese shippers will have to pay more to mail to the US. The USPS has reported that it costs the USPS $300 million in lost revenue (someone please correct me if that amount is for all mail coming into the US, and not just China). Buyers in the US will probably be charged more for shipping from sellers in China, but that large deficit paid for by the USPS (and us) should go down greatly.

    The international postage rates that we have to pay now are the result of the UPU imposing those rates on us as other nations, particularly Europe, said that our rates were too low, and they were losing money processing international mail from the US.
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    not to get political but it is about time some one had to guts to take this issue on. i actually received a package last week from china with tracking for 22c postage. wish i had of saved the package.. it was 10 larger size gemstones. weighed about 1-2 ounces. so approx 20x cheaper than it would cost me to ship anywhere in the USA and with international tracking!. total rip off for the American public via USPS - to pay the Chinese's shipping costs. personally i can't wait for this to be enforced. the sooner the better. the days of unfair trade and unfair shipping are just about over. Both democrats and republicans that are not in the big re sellers pockets are on board for these trade changes. yes it will hurt Amazon, Ebay Walmart or other large importers.. like i care. :-)
  • Isn't that a bit disingenuous to complain about the fact that YOU ordered something from China,paid the shipping from China and then turn around and COMPLAIN about the cost of that shipping and the unfairness of it all. Doesn't that make you part of the problem and not the solution?
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    you really are extremely rude. I do hope you understand you are doing this site no favors by acting this way. I will once again complain about your behavior as it is clear you do not understand the rules of posting here. They include being respectful of the other posters. in effect you are attempting to be a bully and run others off. When you run off seller or buyers they take their buying elsewhere and don't return. Is it really that difficult to be polite, respectful and to show a little compassion for others? What you did here was make a personal attack on me . was this necessary, polite, or showing respect?

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    The shipping was free on the item i ordered. I do not advocate an anti purchasing of China goods policy but a fair one based on equal and fair postal rates- the same rates going in both directions. :-)
  • Jerry,

    It's tiresome to hear and read the people who use the system to their advantage and then afterwards complain about that very after it has benefited them. And often times they are the ones that are complaining the loudest and most bitterly about that system,yet they continue to use it to there own advantage.
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    Well it may be tiresome to you Michael but then you are in a public forums. You also need to know that this is your opinion, not a fact. others have an equal right to voice their opinions. That this is tiresome to you does not make it OK for you to attack that person. If you take the time to read the forums rules and abide by them it would be doing the rest here a favor and greatly increase the opportunity for all opinions to be expressed, increase the positive nature of the forums and YES, attract more posters and Buyers and Sellers to this site. A big win for everyone. I think the best rule is not to say anything you would not say to a person's face. :-) I suspect if we met in person, you would be wise to select your words carefully. As we say in the Marines, Semper Fi and be respectful.
  • The problem as I see it is NOT the fact of complaining about how much the Chinese pay for shipping. That's totally understandable,it's the fact that one purchases something and THEN turns around and complains about the shipping cost that was paid by the seller. (And to have it shipped free to boot) It comes across as being very ironic.

    Right now if one is sending that type of package to China correctly and legally the USPS counter price is $14.25. In June
    of 2021 when the US gets to sets the rates to have those packages sent to the US the Chinese will have to raise their international rates to the US which will then be passed on to the buyer. (There is no such thing as free shipping ,the cost of shipping is either paid directly by shipping charge or the cost of shipping is included in the goods.)

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    see now if you post in this manner.. it is not personal :-) and respectful and yet mostly "your opinion" which is as valid as "others' opinions."
  • Now I can't put in my two cents worth anymore because someone overseas can do it cheaper.
  • Jerry, the matter was taken on by President Trump through his threat of pulling the US out of the UPU. The results of the ensuing negotiations is what was discussed here based on the article in Linns. Postage from China to the US is going to go up. So, that is a win for the USPS.
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    glad to see that finally happening. small merchants have been trying to get this to take place for 30 years and previous presidents did nothing. totally insane situation for anyone that uses the post office in the USA.. they pay. A lot of USA sites are actually based on this "e packet" discount.. i will be interested in how they deal with a somewhat fair system when it changes- most cheaper prices under $5 will triple or more i think without free shipping. Etsy, Ebay and Amazon are examples. Hard to compete on lower priced items when China has this edge on their shipping. Alibaba may actually change as they sell to USA merchants instead of reseller China merchants but over all it will be devastating to their site .. is my opinion as they are set up to MAINLY resell items to USA. If the almost free shipping stops they will have a lot less Alibaba-china buyers trying to sell on USA auction sites. Alibaba is the largest product site in China. This is a HUGE deal to USA smaller Merchants. Amazon Warehousing Hubs/reshipping sites are set up now to deal with the change and will become a lot more popular but the free ride at the post office will still 5x their shipping costs
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