Can you filter Free shipping ?

Can you filter a search for only free shipping?


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  • I trust with a little sampling you will find a range of shipping fees that can weed out those appearing to be excessive. Probably more to the point would be discovering what additional purchases add to that shipping fee from a particular dealer. I believe you'll find many dealers are very reasonable to the point that free shipping is offered for additional purchases. Then it becomes a matter of price comparison of offerings which may, in the bigger picture, make the small differences in shipping have a lesser impact. Consider also that dealers invest no small amount of time in selecting, checking,scanning and creating listings that typically reflect small percentage of catalog value. And upon a sale, have to package and mail out item(s) knowing returns are possible, and fees are collected from PayPal, Hipstamps (a percentage of the sale plus an ongoing monthly store fee). Realistically, it's a buyer's market and they can take their collections much further than in the past. Just my perspective on this.
  • Here's a filter:
    Free shipping when you purchase as little as $10. :)
  • Here an other filter:
    Free shipping when you purchase $100 or more. BTW: 30 % reduction until Dec. 15, 2019
  • Another filter for Germany and area shipping on nearly every lot, no minimum required.
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