GD-30 and VG-50 PSE graded stamps up for auction

I was perusing the auctions here of certified US stamps and notice a whole slew of stamps that are graded GD-30 and VG-50, which is something you don't see too often. Assuming the submitter had a choice to get those stamps graded or not, it's curious that grading was requested. Personally I've only been submitting stamps that I expect will grade well or are rarer stamps needing to determine their soundness. I am not seeking to criticize but just thought this was sort of interesting... Here's an example:


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  • In your linked example, the stamp has been reperforated on the left side, and per PSE's grading guide, "PSE also does not grade REPERFORATED, ALTERED, FAKE or COUNTERFEIT stamps."

    The cert is from 2003, so, perhaps, their no-grading policy was implemented after that date. But, I would guess the reperf (which the submitter may not have been aware of) has a lot to do with the low grade.
  • I don't think the stamp was submitted by the seller. More than likely it came in a bulk dealer lot (higher grade floor sweepings). The certificate is included as a part if the stamps history and to allow for realistic bidding. It should be kept with the stamp.

    Frankly it's a decent looking stamp and without including the cert someone would probably spend way too much for it. I applaud the dealers honesty
  • Those auctions are from Rosenberg-Philatelics.

    I would exercise some caution when considering to bid on their certified stamps. Make sure the scan of the actual stamp and the certificate match. There were a few that ended tonight that didn't. Also, I've seen misidentified material.

    I'm sure if there's a problem they would remedy the situation to your satisfaction.

    Just throwing this out there -- Is this Mark Rosenberg's stamp store?

    If it is I might be in trouble :smile:

  • Hi Les yes I saw that too. I complained to Mark a while back when they were listing stamps as "certified" but there was no image of the cert included, no cert number, and no description of what was on the cert. It's my opinion that whoever he has listing his stamps for sale are not philatelist. I haven't been kicked off this site just yet:)

    Here's another really egregious listing:
  • It is most definitely NOT the stamp on the certificate.
  • Hi Mark and Wayne.
    I sent a question last night to the seller about that exact listing. I have not heard back.

    I believe it is the same stamp, it's just been damaged since it was graded. There's no way it would be a 95 at this point.

    Here's another one - check out the top left of the stamp. Unfortunately something has affected it and thus makes the original certificates grade meaningless.

    I'm not trying to be the stamp police, but I think it's important for folks to get what they are paying for.

    The stamps that were sold Thursday night that did not match the certificate went for substantially less than they should have. No doubt most here are vigilant about what they buy, but some newer or casual collectors might think they got a great deal. This type of thing could discourage them from using this site or collecting stamps at all.
  • Here's a couple of images I saved from Thursday's auction. These are clearly different stamps.

  • Lee I clicked on the link you provided regarding The Us #234. Four bids at 16 cents! Should be some furious bidding during the last couple of seconds!
  • The two listings in question have been updated to reflect the current condition of the stamps.

    I applaud the seller!!

    I guess blue is the new pink 64 vs 63 and 1C is 3C? sloppy....
  • looks like they fixed the listing and is referencing the correct #
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