Harry Patsalos Philatelics Reaches 15,000 Items

For the 3rd time this past week I managed to add over 15,000 items. Take a look, there may be something of interest for you.
STAY SAFE Hipstampers!!



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  • Con grats Harry! I can't seem to get ahead. darn customers.
  • Ron, You must be doing something right!!!
  • That is an impressive number of items! May I ask how do you achieve that? I just hit 2,000 and that has taken me a while. I am retired and used to do shows until it got to the point that hotels and restaurants were making more and I was making less. Do you have help or are you a 1 person operation? I find scanning is the slowest thing to do and I would welcome any thoughts on how to speed this up. I currently am using software called thumbsup. Thus far I have not found a better approach to scanning.

    Sorry if I am nosey, but 15,000 is very nice accomplishment. You are to be commended! I am impressed. Nice job!

    Tom Breay


    ps: Why is my store not a link? While I have been a member for quite while, I have much to learn. I have a featured store but not a premium store. Thank you for any comments or suggestions!
  • Tom,
    Thank you for the compliment. Yes, I am a "One Man Show". Getting the numbers up does take a long time, 3 years for me to achieve this number and you have to figure in the 17,000+ Feedbacks (sold items) as well. Unfortunately Scanning is the gruesome task, all my items offered are the exact item scanned.

    As for your Link, it does show up as such when you post the comment. Just tap on the "Preview" button before sending a comment and it should show up in blue.

    Oh and if anyone has a magic solution to scanning fast please share with us.

  • I've been using this Image Bursting app that someone on this Forum suggested. It has worked great for me. I'm able to scan a sheet of stamps and it will find the stamps and create individual images for each with not too much effort. It's a pain to install and enable but I like it.


  • Michael,
    Thank you, I will give it a try when I can find some time.
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