Congratulate my Cat, Bentley!!!

He's very proud of himself. Finally broke the 50 items listed mark in his store, The Bentley Collection. May not sound like much but he claims there is a lot more to come. Now on to the next 50!!d6d4686d024120589450d1eb5fe6d505-300


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  • Bentley is adorable and Congrats to him!
  • Thank you. He's really a good cat but he can't tell a single line from a double line watermark. Plus he's a cat so basically lazy. But he sure gets going when there are stamps to walk all over and mess up. I think he added about 20 more items today then went and took a nap. Hopefully he's not trying to sell my main collection! I'll have to check!
  • I hope you don't advertise your stamps for cat value.
  • Right. Part cat is the way to go. :smiley:
  • Bentley.. Make sure there are no pulled/short Purrfs.
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    These puns are bordering on the catastrophic right now. il_794xN.1614520712_ogax
  • He just woke up from his daily, day-long nap and told me he had an idea to put a special "Meow Mix" grab bag of stamps on the store. Then he went back to sleep.....again. I'm sure once he gets dinner and the sun goes down, he'll get back to work.
  • Dang! Bentley is one lazy cat!!!! I know it goes with the territory but this is getting ridiculous. I guess I'll have to do some work myself. I can't count on the kittens, Bear and Tiger, to do it either. They don't even know how to read or write yet so they can't work the catalog and write the descriptions. Plus, when they're not asleep, they just get in the way..
  • Kittens
    Bear on the left...little Tiger on the right.
  • I hope y'all don't mind these posts. I think they're kind of fun. It actually is true that these cats are lazy though. If I'm out of line, I'll stop. Meow!
  • Its not like you're the only one with a helper. Mouse is mine...DSCF7066 (2)
  • HAHAHA!!! George, it looks like Mouse can handle it!!!
  • That he can, Greg! A recent feedback received: " Perfect transaction, thanks, George & Mouse."
  • Greg, surprised you didn't name your other cats Rolls and Aston. I suppose the accompanying name Rover for George's pooch would be too much to ask to keep it all in the family..... but that's a Minor point.
  • Ron, didn't think about that. Bear's silver gray color kind of looks like a Silver Shadow doesn't it and Tiger is kind of sporty looking. They were kittens of a stray we took in last year and they just looked like little Bears and Tigers when they were tiny. They had a little brother we named Lion but he didn't make it. Sad but he tried.
  • Ron, you convinced my wife to modify the cats' names. She's running around calling them Mercedes Bear and Aston Tiger now. Well done!!!!!715vwvP5ZEL
  • How cool! Now if you need some names for your birds, I can send them in a tweet.
  • HAHAHA!!!
  • While my ladyfriend's female tabby cat, "Imp" was in heat several years ago, she hopped onto my stamp sorting table while I was sorting a large group of classic Iranian stamps--and proceeded to pee !

    Her stream came within a few inches of splashing them when I picked her up, while she continued to pee, and put her in her litter box.

    On the one hand I was relieved that her stream missed the stamps; on the other hand, given that forgeries and reprints of Iranian stamps outnumber genuine examples by 10 to one, her peeing on them would have been a gesture befitting the low status of most classic Iranian stamps. Even a cat in heat knows the kind of treatment they deserve !
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    Tried to post an image of my friend Charlie enjoying one of his day long naps, but no go. I'll figure it out later...
  • Reduce the size of the image.
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