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What is the difference between a Closed or Sold auction. The "Help" function is no help. I made the mistake once of clicking on close when I wanted to exit one of my listings and it went away. Thanks, Bill


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  • I meant to say store item and not auction.
  • "Closed" means the auction ended without a sale. It can also mean you ended a listing for a regular Buy It Now listing without selling it.
  • Thanks, but I don't understand why all the items I sold with a BIN in my store say Closed instead of Sold. You would think that if I offered something at auction, which I didn't, would state "unsold". Since the "edit" "close" and "delete" buttons are at the bottom of each store item I would think these are for my use only.
  • You might want to use the Contact Us button, below, to get an explanation, then. On my Closed / Sold page, all the listings that sold say Sold. Only the listings I ended manually say Closed.
  • Thanks, I'll contact them.
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    Each listing on HipStamp will generally have the status of open, meaning that the item is available to purchase, or closed, meaning that the item is not available to purchase. There is no separate "sold" status.

    As a Seller, when viewing item listings in the Members Area, whether open listings (which had multiple quantities) or closed listings, you will additionally see a note if the specific listing was previously sold, along with information on who the item was last sold to. However, the listing status itself would either be open or closed, as again there is no listing status of "sold".

    If you Close a listing, it will appear in the Members Area > Selling > Listings > Closed/Sold section, and you can relist it from that section as well.
  • Thanks for the clarification. I guess then that Ted's comment above was incorrect?

  • Indeed I was incorrect. The "Status" is the red box with the word Closed, and that word applies whether the listing is sold or ended manually. In my previous answer, I was referring to the note in each "Closed" listing that says whether the item was Sold or Closed (that is, the listing ended manually, or the auction ended with 0 bids). I apologize for the confusion.

  • Thanks for the clarification Ted, much appreciated.
  • Ted made a mistake ?? il_794xN.2246788349_7ckl
  • Here's the perforated version...
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