Liechtenstein FDC?

Is this a First Day Cover? It appears to be (I have the entire series 638-649) but the dates in Scott standard says they were issued in 1978, but the date on these is 1980.



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    No i's not an FDC. If it was an FDC it will say Ausgabetag or Jour d'Emisson and most of them are cancelled at Vaduz.
    (Much earlier FDCs may not have those markings. Those would be mostly pre 1945.)
  • Thanks Michael I appreciate the info.
  • Hi Rod,
    Per my LBK the FDC for the 10r,25r,30&40r plus the 150& 200 is 1 June 1978. The FDC for the 50r -110. is 2 March 1978.
    Rod is my old eyes or does the left stamp have some missing color.. brown on the roof & the mountain behind? The LBK makes no mention of a color variety or of a 1980 re-issue of the design. Dan
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