Is Scott Publishing a dying business

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Almost everything at Amos media is on back-order. Is this business in its death throes? Do we need to be looking at other options soon? Or are they only going to do constantly revised catalogs at increasingly obscene pricing?


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  • Since the pandemic hit, people have been turning to their hobbies, creating LOTS of demand. At the same time, manufacturers are probably hit due to the pandemic, slowing down production and shipment of the supplies we are all seeking. I don't see it as a sign of trouble. I see it as basic economics. I could be wrong, but costs/expenses are up as well. Not sure what else one would expect?
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    Also, Scott is print on demand. It's not a true print on demand, because they print when there is enough demand for a particular item, such as say Scott International Part 6. They won't just go to their contract printer to have a Part 6 printed with only one purchase. They need a minimum number purchased before they have the job done. I think that is a bad business practice, but Scott has many bad business practices.
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    Thank you, Michael. Explains a lot. But how do you print a Scott Specialty binder? I have been waiting six weeks for one. Oops! I just looked again. It will be 2 months on Wednesday!
  • Doug, a close relative is an executive at one of the largest household products manufacturers in the US. Supply chain problems cost them dearly last year. However, that problem was more than offset by the virtual elimination of marketing expenses. They had a very good year, but it could have been much better. In other segments of the economy, other factors probably produced different results.

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