Delay in shipping from Texas due to weather

Just to let my buyers know that the orders from last week are just being processed today. We have no internet service for the whole week. Sorry for the delay.




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  • First mail service we had in Katy, TX was last night. Looks like things are getting back to abnormal now. Still a lot of water supply issues at homes and municipal supplies but at least most in Houston have their power back on. Thank you all for your patience with us!!!!

  • If you guys need help, please let us know. I mean we can't fix the electricity or water, but we are here for you!
  • We're good. Thanks Luree!
  • Appreciate your kindness. Thanks Luree!
  • Send money. LOL
  • Ted, how are you? I'm guessing you were one of those without power until today? How about water?
  • Yes, we went 3 days without power, and when we ran out of firewood, we drove down to our daughter's house where they had experienced no outage. We were also under a 'boil water" order, but that got lifted Friday, instead of the expected Sunday. Not it looks like springtime here.
  • Thanks for the update, Ted. So sorry you and everyone else there went through this. Glad it's thawing out now. (I just checked -- temps look good, in fact! Small favors.)
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