What's Right with BidStart versus HipStamp?

I keep on seeing comments from MR stating that the majority of user have problems with BS. No where have I seen any comments as to what is right with BS.

Please put down some processes that BS does well that HS does not. Here are a few:

1. Sellers tools are so much better on BS. I am able to sort or filter by data, buyer, country, etc. HS only has the option to see each purchase as a single entity.

2. Feedback: BS is the simplest to use. I click on one item (one time I purchased over 300 items from one seller), select my feedback wording (already saved), then select "Leave feedback for all items from this Seller or Buyer" After I made a comment to MR, they increased the screen to hold 50 items instead of 10, but it is still lacking. With HS, I have to manually select each item, and then I can give feedback on the group. I guess that I have to make sure that I don't have more than 50 items in a transaction....

3. Buy and Selling: with BS I get a list (single line listing) and am able to either open or close the listing. As a seller, this make it very easy for me to see which I already extracted. especially by orders with a lot of items (30+).

But hurry -- they are getting ready to shut out the lights on 7 September despite my request to wait until HS is at least as good a product as BS.


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  • Clearly, the My bidStart::Selling screen on BS is a piece of art. Of course, it's not mobile friendly, but I couldn't care less about that. I love the logic, the ability to filter, it fills and uses all of my screen, it has the ability to make mass transactions, and the ability to export QUICKLY to CSV, all from one tabular format. TOTAL CONTROL from a SINGLE DASHBOARD instead of clicking all over God's creation to accomplish something. Losing it is a major step backwards, as far as I'm concerned.
  • Totally agree - I use MyBidstart everyday. It is perhaps the best research tool on any website I have ever used. Hopefully it will be migrated en masse, or at least made available. Time will tell .... this is still a work in progress.
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    Steve - Thanks for the Feedback.

    With regards to 1 and 3, you should already be able to do this. On HipStamp, when a buyer places an order - an order is created which groups their items together, adds shipping, etc. On bidStart there are no orders, so all you can do is view a list of sold items (without any order information, shipping information, etc.)

    However, if instead of viewing orders, you just want to view a list of sold items, that you can filter by date, country, etc. that's available too. Just click on Members Area > Selling > Listings > Closed and at the top left, in the "Filter" menu select "Sold". This would be the equivalent page to My bidStart's Items I've Sold page (which is different than our Orders page).

    If you want to use that section to fill an order, you can also check off each item to keep track of each.

    If you feel anything is missing from the page, compared to the My bidStart area - just let us know. We'll review adding a note to the Sold / Orders screen as well linking to that page as well.
  • I appreciated being able to create custom store searches and present them as custom store categories.

    Is there any chance of a similar-type feature over here at some point?
  • I also would appreciate an easy way to check off items as we pull them from inventory as now I have to look hard to find my place on a long list after each trip to my boxes. Even just a check box at the side of each listing would simplify things.
  • I don't sell, just buy. I had a watch list in Bidstart that doesn't seem to have migrated to HipStamp, and I can't get to it in Bidstart anymore.
  • My watch list is gone in HipStamp, too.
  • Hello HipStamp Community!

    My name is Justin Beard. Yesterday I joined Mark as the new COO here at Hip Ecommerce. I wanted to introduce myself in these forums to say hello and to clearly articulate why Mark has brought me into this role and how I can be of assistance to you. The most important asset we have as a company is our community of existing buyers and sellers. My role is to listen to you and to help prioritize our efforts to make this the very best place to buy and sell stamps, comics, and postcards.

    Now that the migration is complete, we can focus our efforts 100% behind the Hip Ecommerce marketplaces. We will be working to address your thoughts and feedback, rolling out new features, and making the buying and selling experience second to none. I have set aside time each day to schedule calls with anyone who would like to say hello, ask a question, or provide feedback. If you would like to schedule a 15 minute call, please do so here: https://calendly.com/justinhipecommerce/15min/09-07-2016

    We will be keeping the community up to date with progress and awesome new product releases on a weekly basis through our email news letter. If you have specific questions you would like to ask- feel free to shoot a question to support@hipecommerce.com and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

    I look forward to getting to know this tight knit community. The best is yet to come...
  • Hongbo and Zhou- your watch lists will all sync within the next 1-2 weeks
    Dr. Terry- we have added this to our feature list
    Phil- we have added custom store categories to our feature request list

  • Welcome, Justin!

    And thanks for the good news about the custom store categories!
  • Welcome Justin.

    Guess I will get my wish list together and request a call. Hope to chat soon.

  • Welcome aboard from me too, Justin.
    The level of communication from Mark and now you speaks volumes about your intentions to make Hip Ecommerce the place to be for both buyers and sellers !
  • when I now go to log into my bidstart, I get the hipstamp site come up, does this now mean that my bidstart account is void and I only have the one site, because they both look the same to me , my hipstamp account and the new hipstamp account which has defaulted from bidstart, as for my bulk lister, do I now have to relearn how to do this or will my old csv set up for bidstart still work on hipstamp
  • Welcome Justin,

    I've been a dealer since 1985 and I can't begin to tell you how great it felt when Mark bought Bidstart back from SG. This feels like home again .........
  • Derek - HipStamp has it's own Bulk Lister, which you can find in Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Bulk Lister. While we do have our own format, we're also backwards compatible with bidStart Bulk Uploader files - so if you're used to creating Bulk Uploader files for bidStart you can use them here as well. Just select your file, and in the Template drop-down menu - just select "bidStart Bulk Uploader CSV File".

    When migrating accounts from bidStart to HipStamp, we separated accounts based on email address. If you had already created an additional account on HipStamp with a different email address and would like us to combine them, just send us a request through our Contact Us form.
  • Mark, thank you for the info, my screen names and email are the same for bidstart and hipstamps , does this now mean I can forget about bidstart and just use hipstamps ? I would sooner just operate the one account if possible, namely hipstamps if that is now possible, I will test the csv file to see if it works for me, thank you for your reply cheers derek
  • Hi Justin, it's great to have you here. Are you guys planning on keeping the bidstart bulk uploader as an option or is this just temporary?
  • On Bidstart I could put in a Scott number and country and a list would appear that list had the sellers name along with other info like price condition etc. so if your buying more then 1 of the same stamp you can click on that seller and add to cart. Here you have to click on each stamp to see who the seller is.
  • I agree. It would be very helpful to just be able to scan down the list to see the seller.

    However, Dennis, I learned on another thread that there is a workaround for now: you can hover your cursor over the stamp title or stamp image, and it will show both that title and the seller's name.
  • Thanks that better then nothing.
  • Oh do I miss BS - it was so simple to use - I find it hard to believe that the same people (person) who created BS is "behind" hipstamp.
    I just went to pay for an item and couldn't - Why? because when I clicked on PayPal I got the message that "shipping method can't be left empty" Fine - only there is no field for shipping method and no shipping cost in the invoice ("get quote"). How I miss just clicking on PayPal and paying. I want to go home - to bidstart!!
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