SuperButt - who is it?

I am being harassed by SuperButt - I have reported him to HipCommerce but he continues. He is posting serial $50 offers on my collection of XF Columbians listed at $9,000.00 - he may not like the posted price but this is abusive. Any way to handle him? I know we can't block a buyer. Thanks! Getting certificates on the collection to support the price, if sold individually, even on auction it would go for more than that. I may break it up to get the full value - I just hate to. It was carefully put together by a collector who died of covid.


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  • Set a minimum acceptable price. That way you won't see the low ball ones.
  • If you accept offers, you will always get the "superbutts" trying to get something for nothing. Do as Robert says.
  • What type of self-respecting 13 year old calls himself “super butt”? That moniker belongs to a 4 year old who actually thinks it’s funny
  • Wasn't and isn't me! That has to be quite irritating. Although that set sounds really nice! Do you have it listed yet?
  • Vic, I checked your store and it is an impressive lot. Best of luck moving it. I bet there is an interesting story behind this find. Have a great evening.

    Greg (commas not needed here!)
  • Victoria, gorgeous Columbian set all beautifully centered. The 245 might be the best used copy on Hipstamp could sell for a huge premium! Yes get certificates for the better conditioned copies and you should get a good price for them.
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