Need to change the closed/sold menu

I think this might have been brought up before but I need to find out why the closed section under listings also includes sold.
I was relisting some auctions today and I realized that the closed section also includes sold which are already included under sold orders.
This is redundant and I am sure that it causes some confusion when trying to relist closed items.
It is absolutely unnecessary and a pain in the rear when you have to go through and pick out the sold items from the unsold since it adds more time to the process.


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  • Ted,

    Yes I know that but for me it is a pain to have to filter that when I am relisting auctions one at a time so I can set the start date, time and lower the price. It would be a lot easier to not have to do that. After selling on eBay for 22 years I am used to using a program that had a section of only unsold items and worked very well and it did not take a lot of time.
    The bulk lister program is a pain in the rear.
    eBay also had a section that I was able to see only unsold items.
  • Mark me too, in the "not sold" column
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