Ron's Complete disrespect for the forums? Time out?

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I'm really surprised how a few here think that it is ok for Ron to act like he does here. Enabling someone is not that smart and to say nothing is to enable in a situation like this. Is he funny? no. perhaps only if you are a 12 year old boy. 100+ useless posts to completely destroy any credibility this forum has left? Either you just don't care about this site and the forums or there is a reason to enable him? Yes i think a vacation time out should be given to him. Does he think he is the only one here and that his abuse of the forums is appropriate - do others feel that way here? NO Zero Nada site I know of on the internet... that is a lot- would allow this behavior!


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    And the Simpsons Axiom is confirmed
  • Jerry, I will chime in.... I check the forums often because I enjoy the hobby greatly and at times can assist. The non collectors who come here looking for free appraisals , no knowledge or interest in stamps and REPEATEDLY ask the same question is annoying. Lenke is quite clever, over the top, yes at times, but I need the humor in my life right now. So it serves a purpose. The freedom of the forums invites ALL responses, So unless a comment is racist, obscene or violates HS's TOS, I would oppose censorship. I say respect is the key. My best, Rene
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    Rene, You have to be kidding me? You are just as responsible and culpable as he is after a remark like that.
  • That "respect is the key", no, not kidding. Not all view the banter as lunacy, or idiocy ( all though, it can be quite churdish for sure.) I just roll with it and filter through and keep looking for opportunities to help fellow collectors. BUT let the freedom of the marketplace determine banishment. You are a pretty smart philatelist, so I look forward to your responses also
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    he attacked every single thread that was active and for one purpose to get attention and destroy any integrity the forums has left. it was done on purpose and he needs to be removed as an example but not my call- lucky for him. This is a fine site of great value, Financially and as a tool to real stamp collectors and dealers. The attack should not be tolerated by the owners of this site- but again, certainly not my call. Humor .. in 100+ threads? 12 year old humor including potty humor.. You want him to do this daily? you OK with that? because that will happen if no response by management.. one simple other solution is a limited number of post option. But why punish others for his actions? I would imagine well over $ a million has been spent on this site over time. Why let something like this make it less professional and give it the appearance of being non professional?
  • Agreed with Jerry whether or not he forgot to take his meds. It appears he was looking to make his bon voyage. Hopefully Ron can tone it down and still remain a positive contributor to our community.
  • Jerry , using censorship as a tool against comments one does not like or agree with can lead in a bad direction. Ad hominem accusations are also disrespectful, which I’m sure is not your intention.
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    censorship? more almost like a denial of service attack. a very real thing. nothing to do with censorship but a huge amount of posts done for one reason.. to disrupt the site. fairly common on the internet and very easy to resolve.
  • I don't think comparison to a DoS attack is an apt analogy. If Ron wants to poop brain droppings all over the place, it doesn't stop your ability to post.
  • lol Kris , yes , it seems that happens at times … btw , let’s try to steer this back to the big , crucial topics usually seen here “ what’s my stamp worth “, “ I just inherited these stamps , am I rich ?”… ( ok being facetious). But I think Jerry’s concern is worth hearing , although I may have a different interpretation. I’d love to talk about the Stamp shows recently attended by many or the online stamp channels now popping up .
  • "If Ron wants to poop brain droppings all over the place, it doesn't stop your ability to post."

    No argument. But...... when someone asks a serious question and there are serious responses that are scholarly and help people to gain knowledge and suddenly there are two or three pages of crap to wade through it is ridiculous. It basically ruins the continuity of the thread and I just totally lose interest in it. There is a very lengthy thread for that kind of "stuff " why not use it and keep the BS off the rest of it so those of us who would rather not have to wear chest waders to find our way through what can be a learning experience can enjoy them and learn from them without being bombarded by sophomoric humor.
  • Ron has more philatelic knowledge than I will ever have. And his wordplay is sometimes brilliant and almost always funny. The fun of these forums has been a draw for me. I check the forums every day, add my own stupid comments, then I browse and buy. I've made hundreds of purchases in the past year and a half that I've been visiting HipStamp. And I've had fun. The forums don't belong to the sellers.
  • " I’d love to talk about the Stamp shows recently attended by many or the online stamp channels now popping up." would be an interesting thread Rene - i would enjoy reading that also.. not able to contribute myself but would make for great reading
  • The forums don't belong to the sellers."

    Agreed - totally. My comments are intended to be a part of the philatelist in me who enjoys learning from these forums..IT is difficult to do when a thread has 4 comments related to the OP's questions and 96 BS comments to wade through to find the 4 comments that aren't off topic.
  • Since my mind wanders (according to my wife and my children) I really have enjoyed the banter here. We need more laughs not less!!
  • It looks like HIP didn't like Ron's posts either as I see they have banned him. So maybe some actual stamp conversations can now resume here.
  • Yes good point Fredrick did you turn a new leaf as well no caps for a change! Maybe Ron can be reinstated if he sends Mark a Benjamin not referring to a specific stamp.
  • Actually I got tired of seeing guys like you cry about using caps. As if you don't have anything better to whine about.
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    My final 2¢ on the subject before it turns into a full blown screed.

    The fact of the matter is there is no thing as Free Speech on the internet now. All public forums have nebulous 'conduct' rules that are arbitrarily enforced. So it's up to the people at HipStamp to decide what is 'allowed' on their forum. Users opinions don't mean squat.

    That being said, I can only pray they have at least an inkling more of a moral/ethical center than the Orwellian cyptofascist cyberninjas at Facebook who have allowed my identity to be stolen while banning me for such things as calling someone "stupid".
    And the Pennsylvania AG seems too busy running for governor to do anything about it.

    Now....back to philatics...
  • I was banned from Stamp Community Forum (SCF also called Stamp Community Family) because I posted a suggestion on how to make the site better, IN the forum for "Feedback", because the owner of the site didn't like my suggestion. (It's as if he only wants to hear positive comments, not constructive ones). Honestly, I didn't care if they took my suggestion or not, just like here I posted for "block bidders" capability, but no one booted me off for that.

    It was ridiculous what SCF did, but private companies aren't bound to "constitutional" assertions. Actually, the First Amendment doesn't apply here at all, as stated in the first amendment:
    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

    Congress shall make no law... but what the internet "enforces" is self-imposed censorship, of which there is no law governing it. They own the site, they have the right to determine it's content and it's contributors.

    This issue at hand here, with regard to Ron is one of balance. I don't mind a bit of witty banter among the discussions, and I in fact welcome it, otherwise things become very dry, and non-emotive. (I like positive emotions they help keep me from institutionalization.)

    I don't know if there was any "pre-warning" to him by administrators. I think the forums could do with moderators, and in other online forms that I participate in there is one forum specifically dedicated to "banter". No topic off limit, save for hate speech, and the highly offensive statements, or discriminatory behaviors. That forum is even by "request only", so you only become a member of it by asking to be included in it. In this way, it's nice because you only see that forum in your list if you're a member.

    It's not a bad idea, and I see an attempt with that in a single thread, which I also note has more comments in it than any other thread by far on this site.

    Ron's comments in some cases get out of hand, just by the volume of them. But I never had an issue with what he had to say. He has a mastery of linguistics that I'll never have, and I valued him for that. Another option would be the "LinkedIn" method, that enables the ability to squelch people or posts you don't want to see. You just mark that person, and their comments never appear in your thread again. Lots of ways to resolve this. I only hope that Ron was warned first, and then if he didn't adjust, it's reasonable that they either temporarily suspend him, or ban him. Personally, I just ignore the drivel and soldier on with what I have to contribute. No site is perfect. But I think this site overall does a reasonably good job at keeping a balance. I'm happy that they put their focus on listings, especially bogus ones. I like that I've reported numerous listings, weekly, and every one of the bogus listings I've flagged has been removed within 2 or 3 days. I'd rather they spend their time there then worrying about overly bored, covid-fatigued people who are locked up in their homes for weeks at a time, for approaching 2 years. Most are just looking for an outlet. There are a LOT of lonely people out there in the world... let's consider some compassion. How would you feel if you learned a week from now that Ron committed suicide because he felt isolated, cut off, and rejected? I'd rather have him here, than not. But I'm focused on the people...

    My main regret is that I realize now I should have said something privately to Ron... I didn't find him unreasonable. I did find him annoying at times... but then again, so am I, so not going to be the pot calling the kettle black.

    Hopefully he returns, a bit muted.
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    Compassion is always the best way but action is also needed sometimes. I think this site has the potential to be really popular and well accepted and is an asset worth protecting. saying that, moderators probably exist now even if it is Mark acting in an extremely limited manner here. Not a whole lot of issues here that require a moderator but some actions are worse than others that people do. To be banned here requires a lot of being bad. imo
  • Yeah. I'm with you Jerry. I just hope that some warning was given and that if he's asks to come back under more control, then I would like to see him back.
  • At this point, I don't see any reason to put Ron on time out or ban him, the forum works well the way it is, On this tread people has voiced their opinion on the subject and I am sure Ron has read them and in the future will be mindful of his comments. As far as I'm concern subject closed.
  • Bonaparte, any follow up on the Japanese surrender cover you posted several months back?
  • Thumbs up, Scott Payton.
  • Hi, Reno, yes was able to fine a dealer who told me that the cover was a souvenir made up by the owner. Unique and a good souvenir. if it had the US Army postal cancelation, then it would be worth exploring further.
  • So how long is Ron in the klink for?
  • Yeah, I kinda miss his antics (within limits)...
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    12-18 months, plus $500 fine (via PayPal).
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