letter- 1st class with tracking 1oz=53cents

letter- 1st class with TRACKING 1oz=53cents up to 3 OZ?
the other E site is offering this.. it appears to be a valid USPS option. is there anyway we can get this here?

I recon it would have to be tied in with Paypal? so may be impossible?


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    I think someone who uses this service needs to let us know how it works - under "Category Details and Restrictions" Ebay states - i also must be under 1/4 inch thick and tracking is through Ebay:

    Ship no more than 10 stamps or 3 postcards/postal history items
    Plate blocks that fit the eBay standard envelope dimensions are allowed
    No coils or sheets of stamps
    No graded stamps
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    I have been using it for months since it first came out. they actually insure also but not really that big a deal as it has a $25-$30 limit? the tracking is through the USPS done through machine tracking so PO employees can not scan. It is proof of shipping at the very least and does show delivery. though the delivery scan is proof to ebay in a not delivered case as they tend to not give it a lot of credit. It is a very good source of proof of mailing and costs 53 cents total 1oz --73c for 2 oz --93c for 3 oz. I have not had any losses yet except one item and Ebay paid the loss to the buyer over $40 and removed a couple negatives. it puts a new light on the matter of mailing stamps in the USA. It also allows top rated seller status (as required tracking is done) if you use it on all mailings or in combo with regular tracked for more expensive items. they actually are not so critical on the contents but if used in combo it saves a lot of money and tracks the items most of us would not track because of the high costs. it takes care of the few bad apples that claim non receipt that actually received items but were not tracked. and lastly it creates a simple label for super quick easy shipping. just my experience.
  • an example of tracking on a cheap item:

    eBay Delivery Services tracking #ESUS57127680

    Sep 6, 2021

    Out for Delivery

    Sep 6, 2021

    Out for Delivery

    Sep 5, 2021

    Destination processing

    Sep 3, 2021

    In Transit
    SANDSTON, VA 23150

    Sep 2, 2021

    Label created
    Norfolk, VA 23503-1298

    Sep 2, 2021

    Tracking number provided
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    the tracking # ESUS57127680 can not be tracked at USPS.com only through Ebay so they are working with the Post office to make this work. I would think they have to give all sites similar options? its a great service for those that ship in an envelope. to ship in a stay flat it costs me $3-$4 generally with no insurance. the same item shipped in an envelope with this type tracking costs 53c to 93c and carries $30? insurance - a savings of almost $3. it may be that Paypal is unwilling to offer this. Maybe some third party shippers will start offering it?
  • Jerry, if you use a shipping label from PayPal it’s tracked and cheaper than USPS but you can't use actual stamps. Read the USPS has two more rate hikes in store for all of us shortly chalk it up to inflation but we already did that with the last Paypal fee increase...
  • i agree.. its unreal. I am saving a lot on the new system of tracking with 1st class for 53cents
  • great news.. its working now. I purchased a couple more items from the cart
  • I heard horror stories where customers claimed non-delivery after too short a time (considering late deliveries being frequent these days). PayPal refunds (always takes buyer's side). Then they conveniently TURN OFF tracking (since they control it, not USPS) so even if delivery comes later, one can't prove it. Now buyer gets free stuff and seller is out the stamps and the payment. So where is the protection for sellers in that? Ripe for abuse. No thank you.
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    Even before Covid, Doug (and before I quit selling overseas).
    I had one order to the UK where the customer contacted me after 2 weeks, wanting to know where his order was. I told him, "The US Postal Service advises to allow 6 weeks for delivery."
    On Day 42, he was back in my inbox, "Where's my order?"
    I wrote back, "Please give it one more week. The post office does not make it a priority to meet their own guidelines."
    Customer, Day 43, "Got it today."
    At least he had the decency to let me know.
  • PayPal has no ability to "Turn off tracking" other than within the PayPal system. The tracking is still there, and very visible, via the shipping web site (USPS, EMS, In-Country Registration). So they can remove it from there system, but that doesn't defeat it. The bigger problem is USPS (I have this on 90% of my orders) doesn't follow through with the tracking of items sent from other countries. So we see it "arrive at US" or maybe "Arrives at local post office" in us, but never shows delivered. So even with the tracking in that case, we don't see it. And we've had people "scam" us or attempt to in that case. HOWEVER, if you then put a trace through the post office (get them to DO their job), then they come back and say, "oh yeah, that was delivered". I'm on the "other side" of the delivery fence. UPSP is the WROST for updating their tracking on registered mail. And another "buyer" misnomer is that registration cost more, but does NOT speed up the delivery process, it in fact slows it down, because there is more handling of the item that has to take place. If we send something by regular mail to US, and another by registered mail to the US on the same day to the same location, one arrives in 5 - 7 days, the other (Registered) arrives in 10 - 21 days. This is a problem that will never be solved. It has to be one of the things you "manage" in the course of being a seller. And whether you're a small-time make a few extra dollars a month seller of 10 - 20 items a month, or a full scale dealer with an inventory of $1m+ the result is the same. It's important on that lower end of the scale to realize, you're a retailer. Like it or not, people then act like customers, and you have to manage them and their (often unreasonable) expectations.
    Part of the charm of being an online seller.
  • :-) yes, there is a secret internal tracking system of USA mail that few know of. when you receive a letter with a bar code attached via yellow sticky paper or printed at the bottom this is it. this is the basis of the new Ebay system. this bar code is actually printed on the label and is only trackable by way of the ebay website or via tracing through the post office. I am surprised it is available with international mail as you have experienced. Within the USA this would probably not be so but maybe with the address it is trackable to the tracking bar number. this is 100% machine tracking so postal employees can noit scan in the items with the tracking bar. Fun stuff.. a great improvement , overall.
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