Germany Cinderellas - War

anyone shed any light on these Germany issues? :-) I think WWI?c1


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    also these? not for sale as both stores closed untill further notice here due to the Sync problems. c2
  • I thought they were Notegeld at first
  • Probably printed at about the same time i think? I find the Anti UK subject manner on later ones interesting. Sold a few with submarines on them
  • Zeppelins are fun tooa15
  • This is a "new one" I have not seen before. It is a "charity stamp", but with no listing, annotation or attribution except for the region. It's listed by the same dealer in many different places, ebay, amazon, etc for prices ranging from $20-$90. I asked the fellow about the authenticity and he replied in a rather bizarre, almost crazy way. His answer alone told me that I hit a "tender spot" ( I believe in being kind to folks, not initially assuming dishonesty)...He alluded that he bought all the sheets from a German charity's dealer and of course they're real. SO here is the question...I've not been able to find these anywhere. Many things about design , printing, theme are weird...and seriously, the German's did not celebrate Rudolph Hess ( especially after 1942). Hitlerian images were very controlled and Der Fuhrer collected a royalty EVERYTIME his image was used. Am I off here?
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    yes Rene, 100% fake :-) he does about 100 different Nazi Stamps- depending on the site he admits they are fake in the title. besides everything you mentioned plus the quality of printing and method.. the white paper is a dead giveaway.. LOL
  • Jerry, I pointed out some very key things to him about these "items" and he was beyond insulting. I scratch my head and ask myself "what is wrong with people who purposely trade and keep the images and names of these very evil folks"? I collect for historical benefit, but these folks seem to think these things are "cool".
  • the other dealer selling from Taiwan has made thousands of best high end revenue stamps and then posts on Ebay low resolution pics so you can not see the obvious difference . he does well.. even though marked facsimiles in the title. I have not seen them yet in bulk lots to scam the buyers.. but expect that in the future. oddly enough he has not done USA revenues .. yet. If he does ebay will have to close his shop as it is counterfeiting in this country and they prosecute here :-)
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