WOW Just WOW.. Our Own Ted Tyszka Does Good!!

The new A.P.S. (American Philatelic Society) E-Mail News Letter features a wonderful interview with our dearly loved Ted!! 'My Stamp Story' Being the knowleble articulate philatelist we know him to be, he speaks well of us all; The Hipstamp Site & hobby are enhanced!! Thank You Ted for all you do !!


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  • I read the article yesterday. Congrats Ted ! Looking forward to viewing the youtube videos you mention in the article.
  • Ted is a great Paragraphian and probably has Sentacian genes in him!
  • Aw shucks, y’all, thanks.
  • Just getting home from Billy Bob's? LOL!
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    Congrats, Ted! So happy you've received the recognition you surely deserve. Our Community is richer for having you with us.
  • Another infamous member! Warm Congrats, Ted.
  • You're a guiding light in the hobby, Ted! So glad you're getting the recognition you deserve!

    You've GOT to come to the Great American Stamp Show in Sacramento next August!! Lunch is on me! :smiley:
  • Here is the deal...Ted puts on a folksy, pleasant, easy to listen to and watch stamp show. He is from my generation, and just passes on good information. What I really like is that just every once in a while he grabs a stamp with his fingers, so he ( like ALL of us), breaks the rules sometimes. The glue pen and exposing rip-off bulk sales was classic. I really enjoy that he also promotes others, which to me is a class-act. After a super long day sometimes, especially during this neurotic pandemic where insanity flourishes ( California), it's nice to just sit and relax with my favorite hobby. Thank you Ted.images
  • Congratulations Ted love all the videos you have my support n vote!
    Dave Funny you say that because my Wife is Born n raised from Sacramento California after reading this I told her now we may have plans to come to the show next year that be epic fingers crossed considering it is my birthday today maybe just maybe a wish can come true!
    Never been to a stamp show would be awesome nonetheless!
    Keep up the good work everyone
  • You folks are too kind. Thanks a lot. Dave, I’m going to make next year’s GASS for sure.
  • :smiley: Yay! Can't wait! :smiley:
  • Careful here. When you mention GASS, Ron might just show up!!!!!!! :smiley:

    Ted is becoming famous like Famous Amos. I read the article today. Very well done hombre'!
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    Congrats Ted!!

    Looks like we started collecting about the same time (although I'm 10 years younger and took about a 30 year break)
  • Thanks, Kris. I've also had stretches where the stamp bug went into hibernation. Right now, I am more enthusiastic about this hobby than I've been at anytime since I started collecting.
  • Awesome article and interview, Ted. It was a pleasure to read.
    And I agree, at 65, I'm mighty enthusiastic myself (as a buyer and seller) least as much as when I was growing up in London, taking the tube all over town to visit dealers nearly every day (when school didn't get in the way) !
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    Ted, lately I've become the guy in the coin club whom everyone brings stamps to

    Oh....and you can find some good deals on stamps at coin shows. I've meant to post the ones I picked up at PAN a coupla weeks ago.
  • Great stuff, speaking of coins I see a future conversation over love them too!
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