Ted's Faroe Islands video

I think those were issued at the Chitown show.
I should have bought them then


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  • Yes, Faroe Post was there (I wasn't). Don't know if they had black prints available, though. Anyway, they are available at face value from the stamps.fo website.
  • Yes, they did have the black prints available at the FAROES booth at G.A.S.S.. The biggest disappointment of the whole giant show was that Slania's successor to the title of the world's finest stamp engraver, Martin Mörk, was unable to be there to sign items, because the US denied him entry from Europe due to COVID! (at least, that's what we were told)
  • Sorry you missed him, Dave.
  • I had brought with me 8 different FDCs I had made for his stamps over the years from Iceland, Faroes and Greenland, and was excited to have him sign them. A huge disappointment. ☹️
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