Thinking of the people affected by the tornados

Let us all pray for them and all affected....


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  • I live in Tennessee, just south-east of Nashville. We were very fortunate in our area, no power outages and only scattered trees down. Nashville/Davidson County had 75,000 customers without power and widespread tree damage. It could have been much worse.
  • Too close hombre'!
  • After seeing the devastation, my prayers go towards the families that lost loved ones, I just can't imagine. May they be comforted this season.
  • I'm on a mission and thought I'd turn to the forums.

    I'm looking to hear from Lars. If any of you "older" kids remember who Lars is and have heard from him, please let me know. He lives in Benton, KY which is only 17 miles from Mayfield. I sure would appreciate to hear something.

  • Lars/Bill Colp was the fellow who built the model railroad train track high on the walls in his son's bedroom, right?

    Sorry, Luree, but I have not been in touch with him since the StampWants days. Hope he's OK and unaffected by the tornado!

    Maybe Doug Noernberg knows something?
  • Oh, Doug. I'll send him an email and see if he knows anything. Thanks, Dave.
  • Luree, I sent Lars a message through Hip and a private email. Will let everyone know if I hear anything.
  • Thanks, Jeri. I also sent him an email. I know his town was on a boil water last night. Hopefully all is okay and he's just busy with clean up.
  • I hope you're right. Such a heartbreaking situation.
  • I just heard from Lars. He's doing fine, still doesn’t have Internet or cell service. Just got power back last night. The landline was the only thing that worked for a while. They missed a direct hit by about 3/4 mile.

    Thank you, Dave and Jeri for your help.

  • That's wonderful news!

    Thanks, Luree for letting us know he's OK!
  • Luree, I was just about to type the same message. Just so glad Lars & Family are all fine.
  • Hi folks! I didn't realize HipStamp had a Forum section. I heard from Jeri and Luree and replied when I had a cell tower on a trip to Paducah for supplies. The Internet came back around noon today so I am finally back online with my laptop. Thanks for the concerns and well wishes. Much appreciated. No serious damage here, but all utilities out for a couple of days and Internet out for almost a week. Very minor compared to many of my neighbors. Gotta give props to the weather guys at WPSD (Trent and Noah). They told us it was coming an hour ahead of time and kept repeating "If you are in a mobile home, find shelter elsewhere now. You will not survive this in a mobile home."
    I live in a solid brick house with a good safe room, but on this one we even went to the in-laws' basement. Had some neighbors there as well.
    Here are a few tidbits that didn't make National News:
    1. Where the tornado tore through Benton was the least populated section possible. 1 mile south and Benton would have looked like Mayfield.
    2. When it got to Kentucky Lake and destroyed Cambridge Shores, that is primarily summer homes so there were many houses empty.
    3. The Mayfield girls basketball team was playing in Paducah at the time, so all those families were out of harms way. (Strangely enough Paducah is called the Blue Tornadoes and the Paducah Sports headline the next day was "Lady Blue Tornadoes defeat Mayfield." Ironic).
    4. The Graves County (Mayfield) boys basketball team was playing Marshall County in Draffenville, out of harms way. All of THOSE families were spared from both counties.
    Just imagine how much worse it would have been if those were home games instead of away games!

    Lots of folks pitching in and helping out. Nobody cares who you voted for. Reminds me of how things SHOULD be!

    Cheers, all!

  • All our family's thought and prayers are with everyone affected. May God bless you all!

    Greg, Jeanette and family
  • Lars,
    I'm so glad to hear you and all your family are doing well. If you need anything, please let us know.

  • "Lots of folks pitching in and helping out. Nobody cares who you voted for. Reminds me of how things SHOULD be!"
    Amen, brother !
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