New website home page is horrible

Does anyone else think the new home page is horrible?
No way to easily get to basic auctions.
I've noticed my sales have dropped off dramatically, so I don't think I'm the only one no longer looking at auctions.
It used to come right up as items ending first, now its a bunch of categories and recommendations I don't want
I wish HipStamp would quit fixing what isn't broken.
Are other sellers finding better results with other vendors....Delcampe, etc.
I'm thinkin of moving to another site.


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  • Yes sales are down for me also. You do not fix things that are not broken.
  • April always has a notorious dip... it's Tax time. People pull in their spend, especially if they owe. Wait until around mid-May when returns start coming back... it will go up again.
    Philately, especially on line, is cyclical. Some of the regular cycles have been off (both to the positive and negative under Covid), but if you've been in this on the long haul, you'll notice that happens. Beware cause and effect... I'm not sure if the changes to the site are driving sales up or down across the site overall or not, maybe they are. I'm just suggesting, it could be other issues as well. You may notice that globally, inflation is rampant, fuel prices are skyrocketing, there is a plethora of spending of disposable income retracting around the globe.
  • My results are apparently not conforming to others. My sales in both volume and dollar amount have been constantly up since November which was a low point for me during the past 12 months.

    Volume sales for the past six months are up 68.1% when compared to the first six months of the year. Dollar sales are only up 4.8% for the same period. I attribute this to many new buyers showing up which maybe just starting out based on the sales of many more 10 cent stamps.

    Every month since November has shown an increase in both sales and volume over the previous month except April which saw a decline in number of stamps sold, but a rise in dollar volume.

    Only May and July of last year had higher dollar volume than April. Only February and March had a greater number of stamps sold than April.

    Hopefully Scott is right. I'm looking forward to May of this year beating May results from last year. If not, maybe then I can join the blame game .. it's the fault of the New Web Site Design .. rather than the fact I haven't listed any new desirable material lately.
  • Update .. My April dollar volume now also exceeds July. I only need another $111 sales this month to also exceed last May sales.
  • My March sales were kind of slow but I have had a good April. Hopefully, it will continue.
  • My last couple of days have been pretty good. Whatever they did to the Homepage is working.
  • yes I have been in this business for a long time and have gone through all the cycles. Right now the future is not looking good because of all of the things that Scott mentioned above.
    The problem is some of my customers have made a mention of some of the problems that people have been having. That disturbs me.
  • I agree in general with Scott's comments. Having said this, I had my best sales ever thanks to Covid, but lately things have slowed down and last month (April) was my worst in a long long time! Actually my orders, not dollars, are a third of what they were last year. I'm really starting to wonder...I wouldn't mind if things came back to pre-Covid performance , but last month was worse than when I first started on HipStamp!
  • I went through a very dry spell, also, last month (just ask Bentley's human about my sob stories I messaged to him LOL), but the past week has seen my sales activity brighten up quite considerably. There are far too many factors involved in people's buying habits to simply and conveniently blame one's slow sales on a site feature which YOU happen to dislike.

    As Scott says, it's tax season. Also, covid is receding into the rearview mirror, and just as many people took up old hobbies because of it, they can also, if not drop them, ay least give them less priority, now, as they go out to movies, clubs, restaurants, springtime festivals, baseball games, and other activities which had been curtailed.

    Instead of looking for someone or something to blame, your time would be better spent looking for ways to improve your business, to make it more attractive to prospective customers (that's what Bentley told me, anyway. And you can't argue with feline logic.) Review your pricing, examine your listings and see where you can improve on your images and titles, as well as descriptions. Make your store attractive to customers.

    TLDR: Griping won't get you anywhere. Spend your time on what you can control -- improving your store and your sales efforts.
  • Tax returns coming in... love this time of year. ><
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