Postal Regulations

For those of you who belong to IPDA, you probably read the "International Regulations" being imposed by the US and foreign Postal Services. They are very scary and probably will restrict selling to at least 5 European countries. I would like comments on how you are going to handle these? Also, if you do not belong to IPDA, I strongly recommend you give it a try at $25.00 per year. It can be very helpful.


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  • I am pretty certain that it is the UPU that regulates international postal regulations and rates. It is not the US Post Office in this case - they have no control over International mail rules or rates.
  • Harry,

    This very topic was on the agenda and was discussed during the IPDA directors meeting last weekend. IDPA position on these issues is forthcoming.

  • and to add, the regulations covering German Packaging was covered in the May issue of the IPDA Newsletter which goes to Members.
  • Ah yes! It was indeed.
  • To make sure I had the right amount, I took an order of 75 items to the PO, The answer they gave my had no connection to new international rate. This was going to Australia and should have been over $75.00 but I was quoted only $3 +?
  • The postal clerks are always the last ones to learn their jobs.
    When ever I send out a book order by Media Mail, they're sure to ask me, "Is it a book?"
    Give them time; they'll eventually learn to ask, "Is there anything of monetary value inside?"
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