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You know what's annoying? When I am browsing on my tablet, using your app, and I keep getting pop ups that say - Browsing is better when you use the app. Do you want to install it?


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  • Again it is the people setting up the code for the program that do not know what they are doing.
  • There's a Hipstamp app???

    Or you're just using the browser on your phone that is "Mobile Version"?
    I looked in app store... didn't see a Hipstamp App.
  • Me too. No app. But we are seeing ads for it on iPads. Not good at all…
  • I think there was an email that went out a few months ago from HipStamp with a link to download the HipStamp App. It was stated then that the app was not available in any app store
  • I have no record of that.
  • I managed to get it installed. If you use chrome you will get a popup and it will install from there - the popup is random so keep trying. I usually use Duckduckgo browser so when I disable Chrome the app won't load because it needs "a browser to run"!
    It isn't worth the work - the app is just the browser mobile version without the browser being visible. That must have take 10 minutes of coding time - no wonder the app stores won't take it.
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    Sounds more like a browser extension. If it needs a browser to run then... it's not an App. It's just another browser interface.
    This is why it doesn't appear in an "app store" then I guess.
    Anyway, I find "phones" way too small to deal with and being a touch typist, the agony of trying to enter text on a phone (with it's auto correct madness just to complicate things further) I just pass.
  • In my tablet, it appears in the app list in my settings. It looks identical to the website and doesn't really run any better or worse. The only real advantage is that I have an icon right there in my face on my homepage and don't have to open a browser then find a bookmark to get here.
  • Here is that stupid notice I get using the app
  • And nothing happens when I click on "Install the app."
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